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  1. thanks guys I will give it a try. Chris
  2. The other day I accidently removed the practice part of RC. I tired to uninstall it and then reinstalled it but practice is still missing.. How do I do a complete reinstall so I can start fresh again? Chris
  3. I accidently removed the practice part of race coordinator . I did a uninstall and when I reloaded the program it is still missing... How do I do a complete uninstall of the program? so I can reinstall from scratch Chis
  4. Phil You put me on the right track. I removed all the drivers and redid them with the driver guided set up and everything I was looking for was there...... Thanks for he help. Now to figure out how to print the race results
  5. I will look again in the race set up..... I found in driver set up where to put to audio files. but when I double click on it to putt them up in puts me in my document but there are no audio files.... Chris
  6. HI guys this is my first post so be gentle........ I just switched over to RC after using Trackmate for years.. Had is set up on a old Dell 745 with XP. then the heard drive died and I had to have the new one set up with Windows 10. And RC seems to work just fine with windows 10. I am not able to fine the sound files to set up sounds like the beep for a lane count for a lap during a race. along with "fastest Lap" , individual best lap, New race leader etc. The start count down, time left in heat all work fine. how do I find the files I need? Chris
  7. I like to use a automotive spray contact cleaner on my bread.. Spray some on a rag and wrap the cloth around your finger and wipe the braid down.. Chris Briggs
  8. Hi Phil yeah things are good here, having a ball racing with a group of guys in buffalo (90 miles one way) we race every Monday... Keep me posted on races you have going on love to send another car or two down for any proxy races you have going on... retirement is GOOD Chris
  9. Dave here is the wiring I used on my track for the directional switch http://jbriggsk9.tripod.com/id42.html
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