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  1. My kids are into modelling using the Games Workshop/Warhammer models. They sell modelling grass and sand. The grass is basically a fine crumb rubber or foam I think. Soft, wont scratch cars etc. PVA glue on the surface, then dip or sprinkle the stuff on. Then have to paint it as it's green. The sand is slightly grittier but you won't have to paint it. Oz Games Workshop sand Oz Games Workshop grass
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    Good idea! Now if you could all sit down....You up the back, keep it quiet. The router was invented in...oh bugger it, beer o' clock, who's buying?
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    No, though I've sat through my fair share of OHS meetings and inductions. And I've breathed in my fair share of dust. My brother-in-law does custom painting, airbrush art, pinstriping, signwriting etc. and I was surprised to hear him say how toxic MDF dust is and thats it's just as bad if not worse than the chemicals he deals with. He's had bad reactions even with the all-over gear he wears. Here's his works MySpace page if you want to see some pics of his cars. He's had a couple of Street Machine covers too-I haven't asked him if he'd do 1:32 !!
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    Wow, all the pics of home tracks have really inspired me. I knew that wood trades course would come in handy eventually! First things first, I need a shed...yes I'm one of those emasculated, poor excuses of a bloke without a shed. This will change soon. Seeing as MDF seems to be the building product of choice and because I haven't seen anything on the site , I'd thought I'd post a link to a Material Safety Data Sheet. I'm not coming at this from any particular angle, just wanted those that aren't aware to know that there are some health risks from MDF dust, which can be carcinogenic apparently. So wear a good face-mask at the very least. I'd hate to hear of anyone or their kids getting sick later because they weren't aware. And if anyone has contrary info, please say so as I am far from being the font of all knowledge. Happy building, I'm jealous Material Safety Data Sheet
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    Eno, you're right I really like Fly's Alfa Guilia's as well, must be something about the 70's era. Fluffy dice, discoballs, tight vinyl...woohoo!! Once I move back into my own house in a month (after additions) there will be room to set up something. And then get a few cars. *EDIT* Cripes, been looking around the site...top stuff!
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    Hey guys, I'm from Adelaide and have an on again - off again love of slot cars. My old man got us a scalextric set in the '70s, he was a mechanic and raced some minis for a little while. The set had a big Hornby transformer, minis, Datsun 260z, Escort , JPS F1 car and a couple of others. Loved it then. It dissappeared and I don't know where! Now that my own kids are 7-11, I've opened pandoras box. So far I've got 2 Scalex sets, 2 mustangs (v.nice), 3 minis. At first I was having kittens when the kids were sending cars flying, but I've loosened up and I've picked up some repairing skills. All good fun. In a fit of madness I got a C2413 Bob Jane Camaro for $95 from Scalexworld here in Adelaide and then the limited Vanwall and Maserati from a couple of years ago. I've got these three cars on ebay at the moment cos I dont want to damage them but I want to use them. I still don't know if selling them is the right thing to do. (oh and i still consider selling the children whenever I see a Racer Ferrari 250 LM #27) Biding my time till I go digital. Whats the word on the street about digital? Anyone have major problems with it? Well, cheers all.
  7. Hello, This is my first post so hi. I haven't checked the site out yet but i'll get to it. Just wanted to say I've put my C2413 up on ebay if anyones interested. I don't want the kids to get their hands on it but it doesn't do anyone any good sitting in the cupboard either. Cheers!
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