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  1. I look forward to the review, this is the controller I want to buy.
  2. I thought the season was pretty competetive and close.
  3. Far out what a track, well worth the trip down. Would be a bloody long queue to get a run on it.
  4. My son is 7 months and is up to his second car, and been to 3 friday night sessions. The two cars he has are a scx tuning car with neon lights and a scx ferrari. He is the main reason why I have slot cars.
  5. Christmas lights also. No matter how you roll them up neat or not you can't find the end and then when you do the lights that worked fine last year don't this time round. Oh and getting beaten all the time by that damn mosler. I now have a mosler and still can't beat him. oh well.........
  6. Not sure if its possible to fix that powerbase if there is a break in the wiring thats easy. If not contact me I have a brand new one to sell
  7. I hate alonso so good to see him gone.
  8. Don't let ebay fob you off Shane, They are as much crims as half of the people that are on e-bay. I don't use e-bay for that reason, people can just deregister themselves and start again under a different user id. Don't get me wrong there are people on e-bay who trustworthy and do everything they say. e-bay can and have to help you.
  9. I am a v8 fan, I don't believe it to be just a racing incident. A bit more involved I think. Would not like to be steward and have to decide on that.
  10. What a first lap! Hope the vodaphone boys have some better luck in the next two races.
  11. Nice work, I tracked that box set down for a friend not so long ago, very nice set of cars. Excellent way to bring up the century, must have been nervous sitting on 99.
  12. azzav8s

    Got Another Slot It

    I will second that. I have not had a bad scalex car.
  13. Morningstar in the uk have a pretty good supply of stuff. I have some single lane straights available if anyone needs any.
  14. azzav8s

    Got Another Slot It

    My other slot it the jager porsche is a bit of a lemon so i am happy this one works, I dont have much time to muck about with the set ups at the moment so to get it to run out of the box is good. What is wrong with yours gref?
  15. azzav8s

    Got Another Slot It

    Just got another slot it. The brun motorsport Porsche 962. It is a rocket, just .8 of a second slower than a mates nsr mosler. I haven't even glued or trued the tyres yet. Maybe I can finally beat that damn mosler.
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