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  1. abs

    Track Surface

    Thanks Mobbzee - did you seal the surface with anything, or just the Bondall paint (I did see your thread about your Mt Panaroma track) Yngwie and gzminiz, where do you get Ferrodor from. I've heard the name a number of times over the years and if I have been told where to get it, I've forgotton I'll not be using a roller or brush A few months ago, we painted the lounge, and if you know those little pads with the wheels for going along edges etc, they make painting any surface a breeze. I think we might have one or two still in the back shed, and they are under $5 new anyway. The time saved is worth the $$ As for tyres, like I said, I'm all stock tyres. I'm actually an SCXD racer, but before doing a routed track with lane changes (easy peasy with SCXD) I thought I'd try a straight single lane track. Now to paint, copper tape, and drive.
  2. abs

    Track Surface

    Thanks Phil I guess a clear satin enamel should be readily available at paint / hardware stores ?
  3. abs

    Track Surface

    Hi guys I mostly hang out on scxww but have a question that is Australian related - being from Sydney (west Ryde ) I've done a small test routed track, and am ready to paint the MDF board (900x1200mm) Gazza suggested ferrerdor but then applying a clear coat and to contact Mel (rodes / ontheflipside ) who hasn't replied yet so thought I'd pop in here Am using stock scx tyres... So for those who have done their own tracks what do you paint your surface with and where do you get it from Thanks
  4. Just read over at the forums at SCXWorldWide.com that Tecnitoys has ditched Toy Traders as the importers for SCX stuff No idea who the new importers are, but hopefully this will see a marked increase in availability of cars and tracks and accessories etc Also, anyone who is interested. they have a thread in the Racers Lounge trying to get 500 posts to request that RX42B (19.6K RPM) motor be made standard for the "more powerful" line of cars, vs the RX42 (15.somethingK RPM) for classic style cars - Tecnitoys have said that if they can get 500, they will do it So head over, even to just add another name or two... we've had near 200 in the first 15hours or so Cheers Andrew
  5. hi Blue95 try Castle Hill Hobbies.... or maybe call the importer, Toy Traders in Lidcombe (they have a website, but it has been "coming soon" for ages) for some other store names Red Racer in Brisbane, or Perth Hobby Centre in Perth are two places I've used... I mainly hang out on www.scxworldwide.com these days... lots of SCXA and SCXD info on there
  6. Hmm, dunno Rick I've asked a few questions to Bryan Young, the USA SCX Tech, but reckons it wont be til later this year that even he'll get his hands on em... the same as the SCXD Starting Lights :mallet: I was in contact with him over a problem I was having with my SCXD Pit Lane which he helped me out with (sent a new piece of track from the US, free of charge) So how about yours ? Do they need line of sight ?? Though the SCXD controller connections use simple RJ11 (ie telephone connectors), it would probably be possible to use a very short extension to lift em up a bit if the line of sight issue was a real problem. Who knows, you might even be able to extend it up to the roof/wall if you had a dedicated install
  7. Hey Rick not quite the same, but SCXD are releasing Wireless Controllers sometime this year
  8. I'm a recent entry into slots bar 30ish years ago with some AFX Dunno why I chose SCX, maybe coz it was more available than other brands at the store I found it. But the idea of having more than one car per lane immediately grabbed me by the goolies and dragged me in We're now doing races every couple of Sat nights, when the little ones permit us to get together and leaving the other halves to look after them once asleep (about 8pm is the earliest we can begin) Had a bit of a problem with the pit lane which the SCXTechUSA guy replaced for me free of charge (including posting it from the US), and we are back up and running Hoping my mate can get the F1 set, so we can alternate between the GT & F1 cars, will also add a good half or so more to the track I already have. I couldn't go back to simple one car per lane. You'd have to consider lane lengths into your track design rather than doing whatever plan you can design Also have the SCXD safety car which adds a completely new element to the fun and games. And now we have the pit lane working again, the refueling strategy can finally kick in with a looooooong oval type track where top speed is based on how much fuel is on board the car !! Thus overtaking is a definite task to be performed
  9. Rick, I can help with doing a website, depends on what you want.... I'm the webmaster for my wife's business which is mostly web based (when I'm not doing my normal IT work) Plus, must tee up a time to come and have a looksee at your system. We can chat about doing a website at the same time
  10. abs

    Newbie Wants Digital

    I went SCXD but have since found part availability is limited. I do note that availability worldwide is a bit of an issue especially as they were inundated with orders and hadn't produced enough stock to cater for the demand for the xmas period Hopefully that will be resolved soon Depending on where you are, I however also know Red Racer Hobbies in Brisband seem to have some stock on hand, and Adrian there was very friendly to me last year when getting my system equipped with what I then wanted
  11. abs

    6 Car Pb In Aus ?

    obviously not doing their research ! plenty of things go on ebay for all sorts of prices. I love all the Buy It Now's for things that are for well and truly more than what normal auctions go for eg BIN for $370-600 for things that sell for about $300 - cwazy I tell ya Mind you, I picked up some SCXD track over the weekend on ebay for the opening bid - am happy with the prices
  12. Very interesting from here too Rick Got another idea for you, and maybe too tricky to wire up properly Thinking of say a plain oval track with at least 2 LC's On Digital, as you say, all LC's are active On Analogue, rather than inside track being always lane 1, and outside track always lane 2, with all LC's disabled maybe an alternative (with appropriate wiring) is that 2 LC's (or LC's in pairs) become ON, thus between those two particular LC's, now the inside track is now lane 2, and outside track is now lane 1 Do you get my drift ?? (I have SCXD, so not up with how the SSD parts work) No idea if this is possible, but thought it'd add a bit of variety for the analogue driving
  13. Tell me about it.... I administer the system that installs the application software to UAT and above in a goverment dept on the mainframe - and run the migrations to Production for another company on their mainframe (ie I work for an Outsourcer). Half the time what they give us to deploy to UAT needs correcting :nice:
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