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  1. Hi All, Sorry for the delay in information, I have had a few issues both personally and professionally which have made a pretty crappy start to 2011. I would like to start racing ASAP and will post a schedule over the next day or two. The field looks great, and I am sure that it will be a great series. Cheers, Steve
  2. Hi All, I posted this in the ..field assembles thread, but I have received Obsidth, Miveson, Shodan, Jaak Beenjtes, Tazracer, Haystack. More to come. Steve
  3. Hi All, Sorry for the delay, holidays work, blah blah. I have received so far: Obsidith Miveson Shodan Jaak Beenjtes Tazracer Haystack Some really nice cars in there! I will post piccies etc tomorrow.
  4. Hi Eric, can you please pass my car to Chris when you see him? Cheers and thanks again, Steve. Yeah, will make trip around the eastern burbs dropping off cars this week. I can drop it off at your work on friday if you prefer Hi Eric, thanks for the offer but I am on holidays at the moment until the 10th. Cheers, Steve
  5. Hi Eric, can you please pass my car to Chris when you see him? Cheers and thanks again, Steve.
  6. Hi Tony, Your car has arrived safe and sound. The cars so far are; Bov - Sauber slittlehales - Mazda 787
  7. Hi Mark, As I have said earlier, the series intent is to utilise as much as possible; Slot.it parts, as such the answer is yes, Slot.it spacers please.
  8. Hi Jaak, I just re-read this. The McLaren GTR is not eligible for this series, only Slot It Group C cars are eligible, I hope that you have a suitable car to enter?
  9. Hi All, Payment info: Paypal to steveandlizzy@bigpond.com If you cant do paypal, pm me for bank details for EFT. Shipping Address: Stephen Littlehales C/O Ducati City 582-590 Elizabeth Street Melbourne VIC 3000
  10. A couple of late entries: bastumanen and welcome aboard Jaak! Great to have some international flavour. I am still waiting for payment from: manic35 Tazracer Mark D and now Jaak. Lets get cracking guys!
  11. Well done, I am very happy and somewhat surprised to get second! Congrats to FCC for an extremely well deserved win. Thanks to Eric for organising and running the proxy, I look forward to whatever the 2011 proxy brings! Cheers, Steve
  12. 5 from 11 entrants have paid. Looks like it's going to be a pretty easy proxy to organize .......
  13. Hi all, just a reminder that entry fees are due tomorrow. At this stage only three people have paid.
  14. Based on the cost argument I am happy to allow nail polished or super glued front wheels. Cheers, Steve
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