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  1. Shame about the warped chassis, I read about that a few months back thanks to some collectors who were complaining that the cars sitting on the shelf were getting warped, surprised that a white kit is also warped, such a shame.
  2. Generally retail for around $30AUD.
  3. Looks to be a slot.it SP15B but an early version.
  4. Full list of cars here - Scalextric website is woeful so unlikely to have pics up for a day or so: C4246 Chevrolet Corvette C8R - 24hrs Daytona 2020 - Catsburg Garcia & Taylor– NEW TOOL C4240 Chevrolet Corvette C8R - 24hrs Daytona 2020 - Fassler Gavin & Milner – NEW TOOL C4242 Mercedes AMG GT3 - British GT 2020 - De Haan & KuJala – MODIFED TOOLING C4264 Ginetta G60-LT-P1 - Silverstone 4 Hours 2019 C4218 R-Motorsport Aston Martin GT3 Vantage – Bathurst 12 Hours 2020 C4233 Aston Martin GT3 Vantage - TF Sport - GT Open 2020 C4221 Ford Mustang GT4 - Academy Motorsport 2020 C4213 Ford GT GTE – LeMans 2019 – Number 67 C4211 Porsche 911 RSR 3.0 - Jagermeister Kremer Racing – NEW TOOL C4241 Porsche 911 RSR 3.0 - Trans AM 1974 - Al Holbert – NEW TOOL C4215 Chevrolet Corvette L88 - LeMans 1972 – NART C4232 Jaguar E-Type - Goodwood Revival - Adrian Newey C4220 Chevrolet Camaro IROC - SCCA Trans-AM - Number 33 C4166 Aston Martin DB5 - White Gold - AMOC Brands Hatch 2019 C4210 Honda Civic Type-R NGTC - Jake Hill 2020 C4225 BMW 330i M-Sport BTCC 2020 - Colin Turkington C4235 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - 1980 Spa 24hrs– NEW TOOL C4261 Jaguar XJS – Spa 24Hrs 1982 – Walkinshaw, Nicholson & Percy– NEW TOOL C4219 Plymouth Barracuda - Trans Am 1970 - Dan Gurney– NEW TOOL C4247 Chrysler Hemicuda - Spa 24 Hours 1973 - Bertinchamps & Deprez– NEW TOOL C4216 Chevrolet Camaro - 1973 Spa 24hrs - James Hunt & Richard Lloyd C4208 Ford Escort MK2 - Castrol Edition - Goodwood Members Meeting C4222 Ford Capri MKIII - Spa 24hrs 1981 - Woodman, Buncombe & Clark C4238 Morris Mini Cooper S – Broadspeed C4250 Ford Capri MKIII - Gordon Spice Racing C4237 Ford Escort MK1 - Andy Pipe Racing C4168 BMW E30 M3 – 1991 DTM – Cor Euser C4165 BMW 330i M-Sport - Police Car C4224 Jaguar XJS - Police Edition– NEW TOOL C4253 Lotus Esprit S2 - World Championship Commemorative Model– NEW TOOL C4170 Scalextric Rasio C20 - Red C4227 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 – Silver– NEW TOOL4209 Aston Martin V8 - Gulf Edition - Rikki Cann Racing C4217 VW T1b Microbus - ROFGO Gulf Collection - JW Automotive C4231 Ford Sierra RS500 - Gulf Edition - Richard Millar C4193 Reliant Regal Van - Gulf Edition C4189A McLaren M23 & 312T & Tyrrell P34 - 1976 British GP Triple Pack C4230 Formula E - DS Techeetah – Antonio Felix Da Costa 2019-2020 Champion– NEW TOOL C4285 Formula E - Mahindra Racing – Alexander Sims– NEW TOOL C4234 Lotus 97T - Portuguese GP 1985 - Ayrton Senna– NEW TOOL C4251 Lotus 99T - Monaco GP 1987 - Ayrton Senna– NEW TOOL C4245 Tyrrell P34 - 1977 Belgian Grand Prix C4195 Lotus 25 - British GT 1962 - Jim Clark C4212 Pagani Huayra Roadster BC - Yellow– NEW TOOL C4248 Pagani Huayra Roadster BC Drago Viola Edition– NEW TOOL The pick of the bunch for me is the cudas, they sold extremely well for SCX and are bound to be top sellers:
  5. The A9X Torana Bob Morris is looking stunning - hope you pre-ordered, they are allegedly sold out to pre-orders.
  6. Thanks Mark for the updates. It might be me but I just can't get excited about these Policar F1 models, they just don't appeal to me in any shape or form.
  7. Sadly things have been going from bad to worse and I'm done with eBay now due to the following scenario: 1. Sold item on eBay and shipped next day 2. Item delayed due to Covid and transferred to sea 3. Buyer lodges case saying item has not arrived after a period of time 4. eBay rules in their favour (no consideration of Covid delays) 5. Appeal decision advising of Covid carrier issues, provide up to 10 days grace 6. After a further 10 days rule in favour of buyer, buyer gets refunded cost + shipping 7. Item arrives at the buyer eBay flatly refuses to do anything after step 6 - period!!!! Buyer keeps item and ignores you - hard luck Buyer refuses to pay for item - hard luck Buyer ships it back but it is lost - hard luck Buyer ship it back but you have to pay shipping - partial hard luck I'm still flabbergasted with the above, I've removed Int'l shipping on my items and now I'm pretty close to closing my ebay account, Sigh, sigh and further sighs
  8. miveson

    Eastside Raceway

    Very impressive track, interested to know the dimensions
  9. Parcel from UK arrived in around 10 days this week. I still have 3 parcels sent to Europe and US that will likely be 90 days. I suspect we won't be sending much to the US after USPS doubled the shipping cost into USA which will mean AusPost NZPost will double prices to US.
  10. All is well, order eventually arrived to the right address.
  11. I spent a good 90 minutes on the phone chasing up Auspost in the week to ask about the status of a parcel which was last scanned at the Sydney mail centre 6 weeks ago. Sadly they are giving items 90 days before considering it's gone missing, they won't even bother doing anything unless the item is scanned at the destination country and they already know that many of the destination postal services aren't scanning parcels so it's a bit of pot luck at the moment. In good news, I had a parcel shipped from Sydney on Thursday and it arrived on Friday so I suspect things are definitely improving within NSW.
  12. 3 parcels from UK.(two tracked, one not) 1x 5 weeks 2x 3 weeks
  13. Terry, Here you go, been sitting in a cupboard for a fair while: Large number of spares, everything from bodies, motors, suspension, wheels, axles etc. Note the yellow/black car the body is warped as I tried to mould it to the correct shapre and it didn't come out that well. Let me know what you think. Mark
  14. Terry, I have a bag full of spares/cars etc that are sitting around somewhere, let me have a search and I'll post up some photos a little later today. Mark
  15. Actually it doesn't help as I'm slowly losing faith in Auspost, ordered that beautiful Revoslot Apple Black porsche from Armchair and it was sent to my PO Box, for some reason it was scanned at the Post Office in another suburb and flagged for pickup. Firstly it's the wrong address so that's an error and then it's not there for pickup, hmmmmm, I suspect that my parcel is going to get lost..... I'll admit AusPost are doing an amazing job but when the parcel doesn't even make it to the right address...... Not having the great run of luck at the moment.
  16. I'm rather bemused and outright annoyed in all honesty, probably more because I have another case open for a parcel to Italy for $400 and in total the Overseas items probably come to about $2,500 in total so would be incensed to see those get raised as cases and rule in favour. I'm an honest seller who has done nothing wrong, I packed and posted all the items and sent them.
  17. Well as many of you are aware I've been slowly selling off the collection and well postage out of Australia overseas has been severely impacted, I've posted about 10+ items in the last month to Europe and had a case opened up by a buyer who said they hadn't received their item. Tracking details basically say it's in transit, however buyer said there hadn't been an update for close to 5 weeks (which is true). eBay then took great pleasure in refunding the buyer and ruling in their favour I was like WTF how can you refund when all parcels out of Australia are severely impacted, most are now actually going via seaMail, for some reason my items that I sent on the 7th April hasn't had an update at all. I'm going to pull all my international postage options from my lists..... pretty annoyed to be honest as I know the car will end up being delivered to the buyer who will say oh look a free car. Grrrrrrrr
  18. New look and feel is pretty nice, much nicer and easier to use and a heap of new features....
  19. Steve, The issue is related to your page counter, on initial request it is returning the undefined, it appears to be complaining of incomplete data (that is what the base64 response is returning). Subsequent requests are fine. Looking at the first time the page is loaded and subsequent requests: - The first request to generate the counter has an additional query parameter: get_config=true which appears to cause the counter request to sit there forever (and eventually causes the undefined). Without looking at the source code it would be hard to advise any further, if you wanted to send over the home page source, I'd be more than happy to have a look You can easily recreate the issue by opening an incognito tab, loading the website, receiving the undefined, refreshing the page, rinse and repeat. Mark
  20. Cracking car, I'd love to see it with the body off so see how the plates are attached to the pipes. Very deceptive with that bend in the silver pipe.
  21. miveson

    Thunderslot Elva

    There was a lot of fuss about the Thunderslot Elva and well the Red one just said buy me so I just had to get one, I wasn't really a fan of the black version so opted for the red one which is selling rather well in most overseas sites with many places selling out of the red. I'll admit that I've probably sold 80% of my collection and now just buy the odd car that I really like and will eventually run when I get to a point in life in which I can't be competitive at sport (a fair few years yet).
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