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  1. Even some of my cars have smoked, and a few powerbases !....What's that telling the kids ..... Seriously though, surely they should look at the amount of smoking portrayed on the big screen if they really wanted to try and curb tobacco use !..... "Sticks out a mile." Thats a cracker mate !...
  2. My peeve is sellers who won't post !...I know that some times the package may be too big or some such but surely "I don't have time to post" is a weak cop out ! That was the excuse I got the other day on an item in Perth I wanted to bid on.... So I didn't bid and he didn't sell !....I'm willing to wait a few weeks if they need.......
  3. Manic35 was short $100 at auction end ....
  4. Goodness, it's the thought police...Atacking the right to free speech ! Wonder what slot related posts he's expecting under a heading like "Car Rental At Penn Station Balto." ?
  5. georgelopez66.....How could anyone called georgelopez66 take the piss ?
  6. Cut and pasted your link three times mate, dosen't seem to work for me !
  7. Haha....There used to be an old fella in the country town I grew up in who could be seen doing the same thing regularly...... Horse always got him home too ! With him passed out on the tray !....
  8. I guess a bloke should of checked that ! These FF's were designed for a low COG, is that right ? But the different motor dimensions will make it harder to swap it out ?....Any other pro's or con's ? I was a little more excited when I thought it was a sidewinder !
  9. Goodness....They've painted up the 4 cyl version !...... Always check a Toranas compliance plate !...
  10. Danny Bonaduce from the Partridge family would punch that other bus load of freaks all around the ring !.... Oh, hang on.....
  11. My last post seems to have caused a little confusion.....so I've edited in "seems some are"... Still, guess I've learnt my lesson. Would much rather people stayed on topic instead of whinging about stuff that is in their control.... Vinno..are you sure eno's comments were directed at me ? Long way to S.A from here....
  12. slots,....So the rest of the world must wait while those who don't care enough to watch the first telecast catch up ! Grow up..... Any real fan will watch the race "live"..period. Just dig your hole a bit deeper mate and stay in you room, isolated from all untill you've watched it.... I live as remote as possible in this country, have two tv channels and I still knew within ten minutes of waking up who won !... seems some are angry enough for name calling and yelling, but not keen enough to watch the first broadcast....
  13. Serves people right if they get it "spoiled" on them by reading it on a forum 18 hours after the race...... Especially a forum so thick with race fans ! You'll have to dig a pretty deep hole to escape the news nowadays.... gref,...maybe just add work to your little list....That should do the trick !.... Who's Barnsey ?
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