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  1. Thanks guys! Nothing slot-car related this birthday, as I've gone into a bit of a hiatus with this hobby since The Pretzel was dismantled . I only just saw these posts as I haven't been checking in here that regularly lately, but I'll make a post soon and give you an update on The Pretzel (it may be in bits, but IT IS NOT DEAD!) Thanks, Count
  2. Count

    Senna - The Movie

    Yes, I watched it last week, Knoath. I loved it, but Ayrton has always been a bit of an idol for me, and I'll happily watch and enjoy anything Senna. I would have liked a bit more racing footage, but I found the insight provided by the almost endless stream of talking heads quite fascinating. During this period of F1 racing we were lucky to get the complete race on TV in Australia, let alone things like the after-race driver interviews! At the time I had no real idea of the level of politicking involved, and the deep rift between Senna and Prost. I think Prost's arrogance and animosity is still revealed in the interviews shown with him in recent times. In fact, if you had to identify the driving focus of the movie, it would have to be the relationship between these two. There are also some great on-track interviews, footage of the famous Senna walk-out at a drivers' briefing, and the coverage of Senna's first race at Monaco which he would have surely won (even in a crap car) had the race not been stopped due to rain and Frenchness, were intriguing and exciting. On a technical note, I found the sound mix bad, with some poor editing and very inconsistent levels. But overall, well worth watching, and re-confirmed my opinion of Senna as probably the most creative driver of all time! Count
  3. Yes, WD40 actually dissolves rubber tyres, so will quickly deposit a grippy surface on your track. As they dissolve they also get soft and stretch, so unless your tyres are well glued on, they can easily expand off your rims (especially troublesome for going around corners). And as Paulthetexan says, tyres go hard and crusty and don't last too long. I went through a phase of loving this stuff, and would spray a puddle across all lanes at the start/finish line before each race (makes for some hilariously slippery starts!). As each car did a lap and drove through it, dust would be cleaned off and a new coating of WD applied, so grip stayed on through the whole race. BUT it is messy - gets sprayed up inside the car, and ultimately attracts dust on your track, creating a kind of muddy gloop. I try not to use it now - got tired of re-tyring my cars so often! But it is fun! Count
  4. Count

    Woodbrook Valley

    Shame to see it go, DIck! I love the audio for that video clip...did you recognise John Laws saying "Makes a man feel ten feet tall" half-way thru? Classic (audio and track!) I'm sure the next one, whatever size, will be also impressive. Cheers, Count
  5. Count

    Casula Raceway

    An outdoor section - that's brilliant, Gazza! ...hmmm...I've got quite a big backyard... Count
  6. If it gets really cold do you call that snowboarding?
  7. Gazza, you b#%S&!! You just beat me to that! Right as usual, I'm sure: Count
  8. Here's someone who's tried asymetrical weighting: ...could be a load of bull, though!
  9. Count

    Car Spotting

    I'd say they were unfairly gross! Count
  10. Count

    Mt Panorama Track

    Good work! It's very good to see someone else also re-engineering their house to accommodate a track. I did a similar thing - check it out! Count
  11. I have just watched Talking Heads on ABC TV which featured Tony Gaze (of whom I was previously completely ignorant) - here is the blurb from the program website: "Tony Gaze is a fighter pilot and grand prix driver, whose life story reads like a 'Boys Own' adventure. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross three times, was the first Australian to fly jet aircraft operationally and after the war became Australia's Formula One driver". I thoroughly recommend this show, with some great footage of WW2 fighters (mostly Spitfires), and some great F1 & F2 racing footage as well. You can download the show from the program website as a video file (or probably catch it on iView). I just checked and they have already posted the file: http://www.abc.net.au/tv/talkingheads/video/ Cheers, Count
  12. Well done, Michael! (I wish i could understand that circuit diagram... ?) Count
  13. Happy Bithday Michael. I've sent you a note about the Comms port. Cheers, Count ....Bithday? I think that's really like a Birthday!
  14. Count

    Woodbrook Valley

    I second that last remark! (...been going through Woodbrook withdrawl) Count
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