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  1. A warm hello to all, Life - it got busy. Kids, started a business (still going), other hobbies, family holidays and house renovations are just some of the excuses I have for shelving a much loved hobby I used to enjoy - slot car racing. As much as I’d like to say I’m going to make an effort to get back into slot cars for my kids to enjoy, I very much miss it myself. Time to dust off the 99% complete track, finish it and race it. Truth be told, the flame never went out - I infrequently and briefly browsed the forum - just didn’t have anything to add. I hope to turn that around. The track will be finished... fun will be had... again. Chat soon. Regards Dave
  2. The cars do look AWSOME Cam. The choice of wheels is excellent and is almost a perfect match for the current gen cars. Wish I built my track to suit 1/24 cars now Dave
  3. Sorry to add.... The Slot.it / Scalextric team up on the Z4 and MP4-12C will be great to bring these models into the GT3 racing series mix. These will hopefully be competitive racing amongst NSR and Scaleauto (non mag). It is difficult to see from the photos what Ninco has on offer. Generally they seem to be steering toward the resistant type cars which for me is a little disappointing. Does Scaleauto have anything on display? Dave
  4. The Audi R8 looks vibrant. Although it has been produced by other manufacturers, it is a good livery and I hope that it is produced. The green and yellow Manthey Racing was displayed last NSR showing at the fair but still hasn't been produced in its 24hr livery. The one that they have produced (#8) looks a little more plain Jane to me (still nice though). I was anticipating some BMW Z4 and Corvette C7 in racing trim ready to be released and maybe the Mclaren MP4-12C as a body shell only. I had read that some of these may have been first quarter of 2015 but possibly it may be a little later than this judging by the display. Good to see NSR displaying at the show all the same. Dave
  5. Almost looks professional 😜. Looking good. Will be eagerly awaiting your lane brain and beacon placement photos. 👍
  6. GTR XU-1

    Milgun Park Raceway

    Been a while since I have updated. I have wired the track up with the exception of the lane brains. So all the controller WAM plugs are in. I have chipped a couple of cars and are currently running a combination of chipped cars and unchipped cars with the WAM with one car per lane. The track runs fantastic. It will still take a little while to run in and remove excess double sided tape used to adhere the braid (occassionally a ball of goop develops in the slot). As far as how it runs - it is basically a Brands Hatch type circuit. Short straights and medium speed curves. Some of the corners flip flopping back in the other direction without a straight between them makes it challenging as you have to be mindful that the rear of the car (when swinging out in the first corner direction), needs to be controlled so that it can handle the second corner - eg turns two and three and to a lesser extent between turns 4 and 5 as you go under the bridge. The Scorpius controllers and chips are excellent. The chips are easy to install properly with the help of Rick's examples he has posted. The car control is great as expected and leagues ahead of the Ninco digital control that The Copper Mill Raceway track used. Dave
  7. GTR XU-1

    Milgun Park Raceway

    Minor progress of all flippers installed (excluding pit lane. Sharpened the tip of the flipper right up. All flippers fit perfect, move freely and are snag free. We rough powered the track and allowed the cars to drive through at speed and slowly - all good. Time is the main factor at the moment between work and family commitments (as always). But the end is very nigh and it will soon be time to go racing. Will have to start chipping cars soon Dave
  8. I followed Cambers advice... No issue in the cold yet. Thoroughly cleaned the braid with shellite and non residue electrical cleaner. The slot was painted in gloss enamel for best adhesion. As a test, to lift the braid, the braid actually tore apart and was ruined. Very impressive adhesion. I hear you can buy the braid pre applied now. Rick Field is using on his track as well as a few others for reference. Also seen that contact adhesive is proven and is very durable. I was just concerned at the mess I would make with this... But given the proven record would probably be first choice if I could trust my application skills. Dave
  9. Loki... I don't know if it is the best or not, but my brother and I are using the double sided tape that armchair racer sell. Whether it necessary or not (I prefer to er on the side of caution) we cleaned all the gunk off the braids using shellite and other electrical cleaners that don't leave a residue. We also painted the slot in a gloss enamel. After doing this, the braid sticks like shite to a blanket. To pull it off, we are actually tearing the braid strands (this was on a trial piece we did). There are those that prefer to use quick fix or similar rather than the tape so consider all options. Dave
  10. GTR XU-1

    Milgun Park Raceway

    I just posted these a couple of days ago on the international forum. Kirk and I haven't finished yet... Slowest build ever! At the moment there isn't much I would change... Except make it even bigger but restricted by the size of my shed. Only have flipper install and hard wiring to go. Purely from a geometric realism perspective, we steered away from having a bridge although possibly a faster track could have been created using a bridge. Thanks for the comments. Dave
  11. To be up front, I don't think I would see myself at a state or national event... But who knows, in years to come. I have loosely been following this thread, and re-read the 2008 thread efforts. If I could offer some thoughts with my very limited slot car racing experience and limited club involvement experience. In my opinion, to start with, I would concentrate on unifying the racing classes only (to start with). In doing so, again in my opinion, possibly a way to go about this is to keep them leaning toward the side of being non manufacturer specific and more open when it comes to scrutineering. This may (may) pave the way for a baseline to be set, run it for a while and go from there. The more open the classes are, the better it can accommodate a greater portion (generally this would work better for non mag racing than mag as mag can start to add to a further degree of complications but I am sure there are ways to customise - I digress slightly). Possibly to start with, firming up maybe 7 or 8 classes as a symbol of the states and territories of Australia. A typical class may be 1:32 FIA GT. Regs may be as simple as....original manufacturers plastic chassis, wheels 17mm rims all round, tires untreated rubber / urethane with width 8mm - 12mm. Motor open, gears open, motor configuration open, weight open, ride height open. Motor bracing - specified to maybe behind motor only. Wheels must be inside body, body mounting height must be untouched. Permitted bodies maybe regulated or kept up to date in line with 1:1 racing by the association. You get the idea. Or v8 supercars. Weight open, beatings and axles are open but the association may specify the motor to 18000rpm, specify gears, whatever. Whilst a v8s I would suggest would be a must, purely for example sakes a better example would be like Nascars as rules could be developed somewhat openly to cater for scx and scalextric..... Maybe this is too simplistic. Possibly, if everyone really wanted to let go of the reins a little, the mods could create a new section for discussion titled 'Australian Hardbody Slotcar Association' or what ever. As how the, tracks are broken up into states, you could allow Auslot members as a collective from each state, nominate a class that will be managed by that state that the entire country will adopt. I could see at least the Tasmanian, WA, or NT members at least feel that they have contributed. At least this way, instead of getting a whole nation of members to agree, it is at least limited to the state to manage the regs for the class assigned to that state to manage. Everyone just 'learns to like' the regs they are dished up for that class set by the state. Eg: NSW might manage GT, WA might manage Nascar regs, SA the modern lemans regs, etc As for the rules and managing of events, so long as the event is managed fairly, does it matter how it is run specifically. So long as at the commencement of the event, everyone is playing with the same full deck of cards. Again, only as a suggestion, each state nominate a representative or two. Once the reps have been decided, a section could be created where only these representatives can post but may be seen or not be seen by all, to discuss the association endorsement of certain events, be it a state or national title. I don't know how simplistic this boils down to, but some suggestions for what it's worth. Would anybody have any objections with it being loosely managed through Auslot to start with by setting up some locations within the forum for discussion (at least to start with until something better / more formalised is created). Dave
  12. Rick, Will wait patiently in anticipation... Kirk and I at flippers are also wrapping around like you - should work with no dramas. As far as what I was asking above... I'll take another shot at it. ....... It is clear to see where braid ends along the recesses at the holes in pic above above... As the braid goes down the hole and crosses under the table. Does the braid in the opposing recess (the recess on the other side of the slot), simply kink and continue around the crossover. If so, is there potential for the braid to lift at this tight kink? As for the adhesive tape, Kirk and I have used it but cleaned the absolute bejesus out of the braid by bathing it repeatedly and wiping to get all the oil and 'gunk' off it. The slot is also painted in enamel gloss for better adhesion (having smoothest surface). We have tested and ended up ruining /tearing the braid trying to pull it off. Be interesting to see how it goes long term though or in summer extreme temps. Dave
  13. Rick, On the outer braid recesses, will you make the braid continuous and make a kink? Will the kinking force the braid to lift? Is this what is being discussed above. Kirk and I forced all braid to go under at crossover so be interesting to see how you do yours... I imagine you have seen a hell of a lot more braided cross overs than us. We will also be cutting and glueing in 1mm thick plastic shim where the braid ends in the cross over but I imagine this is probably unnecessary. Will give it a go anyway to try to get a smooth crossover in the pits at lower speeds. Your track is coming along nicely now. Looking good!
  14. I am too hesitant to try rock work ... But Cam you make it look so simple and effective delivering such a great result. Good idea with your choice of formwork by the way. Dave
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