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  1. Did I see a Kiwi 1st and 2nd in Porsche 919's in the weekend................. Be good to see these in scale on the track.
  2. Shane Team Kiwi will not make the trip, please remove them and allow another team to compete Cheers Paul
  3. yes but with a little Johnson Magic..............
  4. I also know of two other Liveries in Narangba waiting for their chassis's
  5. Guys have a look at the link on his signature, you will love his work, he also has a price list on his site that he as just updated with all the models that he does, and believe me they are better in person than what the pictures show! Welcome Fola good to have you on board Paul
  6. Jan is your best bet on all of this (springbok racer) send him an PM.
  7. yes agree Garry, but in the heat of battle sometimes we make the wrong decisions
  8. Agree with what you are saying Jan, lets leave this one alone, at least 18 people from around the country will agree that this was a very good weekend and the classes are good as they are. As I said earlier I would post pics of my car, so here it is, the Concorse Winner on Sunday, it was very close between Garry J and myself, I think I owe Garry in the end for letting me have it. Like Cams car his was also very nice. and I think I was lucky that Cam did not enter his car as he had just a bit more detail than mine. Here it is after 4 Hours on the track and looking like it had done 24Hrs of Le Mans! And a few shots of the chassis And that terrible gear mesh, look at the mess it made of the gears, I swear if it had been a night race the police would have been called to stop the noise! notice the missing spring in the middle, an attempt to soften the rear, it helped but not enough. And my Trophy and the car has now been retired to the Shelf, MK2 is being built as we speak, but which body? any chance of someone making me a 2014 Rebellion Lola???? Jan???? Thanks to all the people who attended and especially to those that voted for my car, much appreciated! Till next time
  9. Cam, you made a great job of that car! I love the swirl the mill left on the base plate, I will post a few pics of my car tomorrow after I have cleaned it up, very different design and similar times at Narangba, we also suffered with not enough traction out of the corners, I dont think it was the wheel base though I just think it was too tight in the rear, after I made an adjustment half way it was much better but our motor was fried, the gear mesh could be heard from NSW and our race had been run at that stage. I was pleased to finish though and actually had a result, it was a good test for my chassis and I have started to refine it already and will run it and keep tuning it till it gets up to speed. Big Thanks to Jan and Garry J, I had a great time Team Kiwi will be back, with a lot of leasons learnt.
  10. Happy Birthday Shane, see you in a few days
  11. Hi all I am currently building a few chassis and I am struggling to find a good cnc router in Brisbane that will supply and cut Carbon Fibre, can anyone point me in the right direction?
  12. PM sent, Jan (Springbok Racer) can supply you with a body kit of choice and a RedRoo chassis, or you could try one of my new creations, I have 4 of them on the shelf ready to go, just fit a motor and a body and you are racing.
  13. Here is my creation that I have been working on: An Aston Martin with my own chassis design, the first went extreamly well but it had a fixed rear end, although it was good on the flowing track of Narangba it proved too taily at Ecurie Elite but showed promise on the difficult Drivers track. MK1 Looks very similar to an Plafit SLP2, it's where I got my Idea from, make a bigger version of that chassis to suit this class. MK2 This is the design of the chassis in the top picture, I am just hoping that my Carbon arrives on Tuesday so I can get the two rear suspension parts cut out in time for final testing. I have entered into the Qld Endurance Champs with two other Kiwi's and I hope this car proves to be quicker than theirs although they are both very fast, either way those that will be in Qld next month can have a look and maybe a drive to see how it goes. I have to thank Jan and others for putting this class together, it is what has allowed me the freedom to create my own Scale Slot Car Design. more to come....................... Cheers Paul
  14. Been playing around with a few chassis designs and here are two that are nearly ready to hit the track. I have no idea how they will perform as yet, they are of similar design to what is being used in europe only I have done all the work locally, and they are a little bit lighter with the weight in the correct place. Both Main plate and motor box have been drawn in 3D and files sent to a CNC cutter etc to get the final product. I am working on making my own Carbon Fibre Parts now. All other hardware (axle blocks, bearing holders etc are from Plafit which makes them easy to repair etc. 1st is a chassis that is short and narrow with indipendant front to fit the 997 GT3 Next is a Chassis that is the same width but a little longer to fit the McLaren. I have a few other prototypes on the go also, one is a chassis for the McLaren with an intergrated motorbox. It will be interesting to see how these perform. They will all be availible for purchase to the public once testing has been done to confirm they will perform, this will make them eligable for this class. sorry about picture quality.......................... Cheers Paul NZ
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