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  1. Thanks Phil and peeps, am onto it !
  2. Thanks all for the feedback, and ideas in the RC software where to find out more about Ardunio ?? a wiring diagram or similar ?
  3. hi all, I am thinking of adding a single lane timing system to the San Phoeno SS3. Does anyone have one they arnt using and want to sell ? or the electronic gurus out there want to make one up ? I don't have a pc with a parallel port, but plenty of old laptops here with usb or serial port. I can make the gantry, just looking for something I can plug in, load software and away we go. Thanks Martin
  4. thanks all, have a spot on my track for just the thing, couldn't find one 2 months ago when i looked.
  5. really, what is the seller name ?
  6. nice, is it from a kit, or scratch built ?
  7. Hi Mel, Yes thats it, try the instargam page for a few more... http://instagram.com/sanphoeno iphone 5S and Lumify is the free app i used, edited it on the phone, it is a very good app.
  8. A little video, filmed on the iphone 5S
  9. just trying to keep up with your high standards Manic
  10. Hi all, been getting some quality track time in lately and am pleased to say the track is looking great. Here are a few pics from yesterday.
  11. how good does that look ! very impressive
  12. phoeno29

    Old Minis

    Found an old MINI set, not the rally one the other one at a local second hand shop today. Cars need a clean and not sure if they go or not but bodies look in tack and the front bumpers are in really good nick. Original track is rusty badly, controllers and transformer included. No lid on box that I could see. Tyres on the cars a bit hard but cars are complete. I might go back one day this week with a 9v battery and see if the cars turn over. If they do, what do you think they are worth ? The track will go straight into the bin. thanks Phoeno
  13. Hi Mel, I thought about doing a series of photos with lego guys building it.... next time ! Hope you are well mate Martin
  14. Hi All, Have been working on the planned control tower a little over the long weekend. I have had this kicking around in my head for a while but just couldn't 'see it' on the track. Sometimes it was the size I had in mind wasn't going to look right in the space I had allocated, the styling of the building wasn't right, too simple, sometimes too over the top for a converted farm track. Eventually I struck a balance of size vs simplicity vs ease of build vs style. I have gone with 6mm balsa sheet for the walls and square 12.5mm balsa for the corners of the building for strength. There will be mirrored (not perfectly mirrored) glass windows as there is nothing to see inside the building. Cardboard backed, chrome looking stuff. A verandah will be added in time to the top level, after the windows and roof. The plan is to have the spectators (aka homies) looking out from the verandah over the track, like you do at Lakeside Raceway in Brisbane, somewhere I have spent a little bit of time over the years. A canteen is planned for the ground level along with a toilet and stairs to go to the top levels. (3 levels in total) Overall so far so good. A few daggy bits need tiding up and sanding back before painting. The thick 6mm balsa cuts pretty well but occasionally 'chips' away at the edges. Nothing that can't be filled and sanded back to get a nice tidy finish. A decent square and stanley knife with sharp blade certainly helped get this off to a good start.... thanks Bunnings. A few progress picks....
  15. I have the Ninco one as above. Have driven 3 laps with it, will do more soon. And let you know.
  16. phoeno29

    Dino Track

    nice, road surface looks like it has a speckle to it ??
  17. HI all. Thanks for the comments. Yes overall track is coming along nicely, slowly but looking pretty good. Zegas - legs all good, took till about Thursday until I could walk up the stairs without stopping of hurting but all good now. Ride went well, half a chance to do it again next year. Embs - Yes they are about that size and i have to say, once wet on the glue the colour ran a bit. Just like 100s and 1000s. Might get the kid up the road to taste a few ! Matt - thanks, might clean the stuff off it that doesn't need to be there and take an over all shot. Would like to get the house/control tower finished soon. Martin
  18. Hi all, Have been accumulating a few scenery bits and pieces and had some time recently to start adding a few of them to the track. Full tutorial available at San Phoeno
  19. Thanks Chas, will check for you in the next few days or weekend at worst and let you know.
  20. Thanks SlotsNZ, always appreciate the comments and glad my work helped out :0 Embs. not 100% sure yet, 5 laps at 9v wasn't enough. They both have the NC14 Slotter motor or something, i was expected the NC5 so a tad surprized. The Stratos had a major squeek but one of the suspension springs had dropped out of its holder so will fix it up during the week, glue motors etc and try again.
  21. Hi all, Been a while since my last post/update here. With heavy workload, winter and bike stuff on the go, slots had dropped down the pecking order of life a little. Anyway, being Fathers Day, got a few hours to 'go play' which was great, kinda like therapy in a way. Started working on the fruit farm at the right hand end of the track, more on this later when completed. In the meantime, took my two new cars (Birthday pressies) for a quick spin. They look great and I think I am in love with the Ninco Lancia Stratos. The Ninco Lancia 037 in Martini Colours isn't bad either..... Fruit orchard updates to come when completed.
  22. Thanks again to ZeGas and Yngwie for your donations. Ride went really well, full report here.... http://www.captainphoeno.com.au
  23. Thanks everyone, was a quiet day after a big weekend.
  24. Looking good Dm, looking forward to a run on it when its done.
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