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  1. Thanks for all the help guys, much appreciated. I am sorted now.
  2. Thx SlotsNZ, nice to be back, i'll see what i can find in Aus about them
  3. Hi Mel, Still alive, getting back into it a little after a few years trackless. Kids are grown up a bit now and a little more time for myself occasionally.
  4. Hi all, I am after 2 used but good condition parma controllers for my kids to use on our track. Prefer 35 or 45 ohm. Thanks Martin
  5. Thanks Phil and peeps, am onto it !
  6. Thanks all for the feedback, and ideas in the RC software where to find out more about Ardunio ?? a wiring diagram or similar ?
  7. hi all, I am thinking of adding a single lane timing system to the San Phoeno SS3. Does anyone have one they arnt using and want to sell ? or the electronic gurus out there want to make one up ? I don't have a pc with a parallel port, but plenty of old laptops here with usb or serial port. I can make the gantry, just looking for something I can plug in, load software and away we go. Thanks Martin
  8. thanks all, have a spot on my track for just the thing, couldn't find one 2 months ago when i looked.
  9. really, what is the seller name ?
  10. nice, is it from a kit, or scratch built ?
  11. Hi Mel, Yes thats it, try the instargam page for a few more... http://instagram.com/sanphoeno iphone 5S and Lumify is the free app i used, edited it on the phone, it is a very good app.
  12. A little video, filmed on the iphone 5S
  13. just trying to keep up with your high standards Manic
  14. Hi all, been getting some quality track time in lately and am pleased to say the track is looking great. Here are a few pics from yesterday.
  15. how good does that look ! very impressive
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