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    Must have been something we missed in the upgrade. I have re-enabled them. Looks like it remembered what your signature was previously. To adjust your signature, you do it via "Account Settings". http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/settings/signature/
  2. You guys aren't going crazy - this should be fixed now. I don't know why as it's not something I touched and it was working after the upgrade, but reply permissions were disabled for normal members in that particular section of the forum.
  3. Strange as I don't have that issue, mobile browsing had been flawless and a big step up from the old site. I'm on Android using Chrome browser.
  4. Just remembered I turned gif search on too, just don't get too obnoxious with using them. It's in the menu at the top of where you post.
  5. Yep sorry, we don't have the capacity to store people's own images right now. It's also not part of any immediate plans for us to allow.
  6. Jacob

    New Forum Issues

    Yeah just to clear up any confusion, if you had a separate username and display name, the username doesn't exist anymore, so you need to enter your display name when logging in.
  7. Also, rather than clicking "insert from URL", you can just paste the URL of the image into the text box here and the forum will take care of turning it into an image that displays for you.
  8. I'll need to investigate that, your not meant to have that ability, so don't get too attached.
  9. The upgrade completed successfully and the forum can now be used. Please note that old posts need to be processed in the background, and that only happens when we have people signed in and browsing the forum. Please SIGN IN and browse the forum if you haven't already, spend a bit of time reading - soon enough all the images will appear again as they did prior to the upgrade. Also - NEW USER REGISTRATION WORKS AGAIN! Anyone can now sign up as a new member and start using the forum.
  10. This coming Friday from 8PM AEST, the forum will be offline for maintenance. We are hoping to be back up within two hours, but this is a major upgrade and may take longer than anticipated. You should expect to come back to a new look and feel - please understand that while functionality will remain, it WILL be different, and it will take time for you to get used to. Click here to see when the maintenance will occur in your timezone.
  11. Jacob

    Forum Upgrade

    Current plan is to proceed with the upgrade on Friday evening starting around 8PM Sydney time. My second test upgrade worked the other day with a couple of different issues during the process appearing. I was able to get through them with minimal pain - hopefully that will be all. Fingers crossed it'll be done by 10PM at the latest and people can get on and have a late night browse.
  12. Hi everyone, Behind the scenes the past couple of weeks we have been testing an upgrade of the forum. We've almost got that test version to where we need it to be, so I expect in the next couple of weeks we will be ready to do the real thing. This will result in some down-time which I will schedule for an evening. All going well, the forum will only be offline for 2-3 hours - that's why we're doing the testing. There's always a chance for something unexpected though. The upgrade is major and requires a number of changes to the back-end - most of those changes happen automatically, however if something were to fail, the forum might be down longer than originally anticipated. We can update on Facebook if that is the case. The look and feel will change, but from what I've seen so far, it will be easier. For example, you don't need to mess around with img codes and things like that - you can just paste a URL to an image. We'll be able to help if you have trouble working things out after the upgrade. Image hosting still won't be provided via us, you will have to continue doing that externally. Interestingly, we will actually need all your help after the upgrade. Posts need to be rebuilt before images etc.. will be visible, and that process is triggered automatically by members logging in and using the forum. Images in brand new posts will work immediately though. It took a few days to complete the rebuild on the test forum, but hopefully with your help this will be much shorter. This is just because the upgrade in this instance is between major versions. Perhaps the best part of the upgrade is that registration will work again, and hopefully we can keep building on the increased activity we've seen recently. Anyway, that's all - probably around the middle of May I'll be ready. The plan is to sort out the theme for the new version in the meantime and do one more test upgrade. Cheers Jacob
  13. Thanks for reminder Rusty. Am waiting on Jacob to change that link - but you reminded me to change my signature links ! He's talking about the site URL visible in your profile picture all other links should now be changed on the forum. I couldn't edit where the old bitly was pointing to, so I had to create a new one and update all the old references - hope I got them all.
  14. We were cleared at 9:00 this morning - I can see we're back in search results now and are no longer getting warnings when trying to view the site. Happy days.
  15. Yep, that's what I ended up finding. Have just completed the steps required to verify I'm an admin and submitted the request. They say to allow up to 72 hours.
  16. All cleaned up and forum is still working which is a good sign. Fingers crossed it's sorted. Will find out how I can log a request with Google to remove the blacklisting.
  17. May have part of it resolved soon - the key issue at least. Just need to work out the query to clean up one of the database tables. Will make sure admins also reset their passwords. After that's done, I believe I can submit a request to Google to try and remove their blacklisting. The issue we were hit by is this - https://blog.sucuri.net/2015/02/analyzing-malicious-redirects-in-the-ip-board-cms.html
  18. This furthers my suspicions that it's related to the re-direct off site that happens when clicking on an AuSlot link from a search engine. You'd be on the money here. It's no secret my personal interests lie elsewhere these days, we never really expected any more than 40-50 members and this place could have done with more TLC from a technical admin point of view. I'm not a web administrator by any means but was doing enough for this place to get by years ago, but I've been inactive for quite a while and it's caught up with us now. I'm exploring the options to fix it up but don't know how successful I'll be. Google has blacklisted the site which has also stopped us from appearing in search results. There shouldn't be any issues with the forum itself as long as you can get here - it was that redirect that's stuck in there that Google doesn't like. Can't really blame them for what's happened now.
  19. Jacob

    Forum Time

    Done - had never noticed it before.
  20. Go for it guys - 1:32 dedicated section - http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/forum/175-vintage-slots-132/ 1:24 dedicated section - http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/forum/176-vintage-slots-124/
  21. I'm happy to expand it out, but would be a little cautious to keep making subforums the way we have currently done as you could imagine the front page would just get messy. I'm keen to hear peoples ideas for a top-level structure as I must admit I'm not in the scene and have just been looking after technical stuff behind the forum. I don't know how to determine what event is more important than another to deserve its own subforum versus just a topic within a general section. Most (or all?) of the sections at the moment are 1:24 - should there be 3-4 main categories (1:32 AU; 1:24 AU; 1:32 NZ; 1:24 NZ - the latter of which hasn't really been discussed here?). Then we can break things out from there..
  22. Jacob

    We're Back

    For those that faced problems over the weekend, we're hoping they've now been resolved. If you notice anything strange, please let me know by replying here. Hoping we aren't left with any bugs.
  23. Hi Jason, that'd be an issue isolated to you, I've used it quite a few times with no issues. I'd make sure the software and QuickTime is up to date.
  24. Jacob


    Does this mean it's working? Depending on what "it" is?
  25. It took me about an hour in the end - average internet speed, and I ran out of space on my hard drive for the second part of the install process. The red bull ring is a great track to drive, I noticed a lack of penalties in time trial mode when cutting corners and running off the track though which is odd. The vw vision car is also a good drive.
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