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    Planning to run the first round this Sunday at Alvaro's. Cheers Paul
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    Gentlemen builders have accepted the penalty let’s race on. Personally I have no way of even knowing if I have enough magnetic affect. I’m learning my lesson on the BRM motors as you guys are confirming they are quick. I can promise you, there will be a few in my future for wood track racing. That’s what I love about proxy racing around the world you pick up something from everyone THANK YOU!!
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    Storm in a teacup. All the high magnetic motored car owners have been contacted and all were unaware that their motors would infringe the rules. They have taken different options to resolve the issue and I'm happy to continue with this proxy knowing all the cars will be on a level playing field. Videos of Sunday's racing to come but some are really embarrassing for us drivers. Oh the shame.
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    I saw a video of the 1/24 wing cars doing sub 2 second laps and the caption was "fastest motorsport in the world". When you think about it it's true, so from now on I'm not telling everyone I race slot cars, I going to tell them I race the fastest motorsport in the world.
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    We have a race! Tomorrow (Sunday) on Alistair's track. Pics and race results will be posted tomorrow night with videos added later in the week. I'll also let you know which cars failed the Magnet Marshal test and automatically get a 5 point penalty. The penalty will be applied for each track we race on with magnabraid, which is most of the tracks in the proxy. Cheers Paul
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    After sitting on the shelf for way too long I have started the build on the Elfin Mono. Inspired by FPR7 from 2017 Tasman proxy series I thought it appropriate that this little car should see the light of day, obviously still some way to go but the hard stuff has been done( I hope) and just now to do the suspension and paint, Thanks for this body Phil, Unlke my past Tasman cars this car features a Slimline chassis from Pendle, this chassis absolutely blitzed the field back in 2016( I think,) no doubt someone will correct me on that, the chassis is very easy to put together and fits this quite thin body nicely
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    It wouldn't have anything to do with the colour scheme ???
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    @TonyaussieThat's the one. The Bartlett car was based on a 77 model and It raced for a few years. The 80 model Scalextric are bringing out just give me a little hope. Check out youtube for some old footage.
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    It is obvious that you do not build chassis........ cheers Chris Walker
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    Time for some videos. Aloha, charlesx and curef99 ALS, Shaynus and Pepsi old man, Nonfractual and BARacer ArroldN, Supercharged and Nev Supercharged, Alvaro and DP201 Alvaro, DP201 and BrumosRSR bov, Sports Racer and sticks Brooksy, 32coupe and jimmyslots lancelot, JohnnieE and Dixie The camera ran out of power and I missed filming Peter Gunn's car. Here's a post race review of all the cars, in race finishing order, sorry for the audio quality. Post race review
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    Hi All, Been busy again, but a little free time coming up. @oldschool - sorry for the slow ship from Vlad, but it will be going out tomorrow in the mail. L hope your still excited @knoath - Not sure in resin mate, happy to share the file if you want a print it. It may be a little too thin though. @rosco01 - Thank mate, but remember I only worked on the wings, fenders and spoilers, the rest was already there. BTW, it has the same, or ver close wheel base to the ninco sierra. Also happy to share the file but it is thin @ 0.4mm wall thickness, as I adjusted the Horizontal fill to 0.25mm in cura Please send any requests to Vlad@cadstruk.com Cheers NimROD Ps the Alfa is next
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    to be honest, if you test the brm 23k on any magnet track, you do see that it is strong... like very very strong. I was worry about the NSR motor but even without any tool i thought the magnet traction was 1/4 of the brm. to be honest, i love more and more the use of one motor for a class with fix gearing and let the people tune their car. I know few of you are against it, but it helps to get very close racing and to have the driver experiencing similar speed from one car to the other. But this is a discussion for another day :), for now, let s race. Happy to see the race starting again, in fact in my club i got the opposite, we stopped for few weeks and because i am an intermittent to slotcar, my performance relative tot he other went up :). I hope you are all safe in Canbera and thanks for running it. still need to see the video to have a good laugh).
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    By golly, Vlad.... you have done well with that.... you must be happy? frats, Rosco
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    Hi all The first race was a mess. Each car was raced for a total of 6 minutes over 3 lanes and we were so out of practice there were a lot of deslots. With only 1 marshall a lot of cars missed out on getting good results. It was so bad that the car that lapped 3rd fastest finished the race in 22 place. Because of this I've decided this round won't be an official race but the lap times will sort the race order for the real first round next week. Here are the lap times and magnetic downforce as measured by a magnet marshall. All car owners with cars over 30g have been contacted to see how they want to proceed. Name Magnetic downforce Lap Time Peter Gunn 75 6.175 Dixie 52 6.256 JohnnieE 32 6.328 Alvaro 5 6.355 32coupe 11 6.371 lancelot 23 6.391 jimmyslots 1950 2 6.469 Supercharged 5 6.560 Sports Racer 9 6.582 DP201 6 6.629 Brooksy 21 6.642 bov 9 6.679 Nev 8 6.688 sticks 5 6.707 old man 28 6.719 ArroldN 5 6.792 Aloha 29 6.826 BrumosRSR 7 6.848 Nonfractal 54 6.902 Shaynus 23 6.960 BARacer 13 7.001 Pepsi62 3 7.008 curef99 22 7.236 ALS 14 7.372 charlesx 51 7.382 When you see the videos you'll understand why I cancelled this round - it's pretty humiliating and shows how bad you get when you haven't driven a slot car for 2 months. Here's the finishing order based on number of laps completed. Regards Paul
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    welcome aboard mate, look forward to some pics!
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    Please join me as I unbox future projects here at Scale Car Garage! Any and all comments are more than welcomed! Thanks John
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    Hi Tony slot cars and trains go together well in my book... I have started to collect some ON30 rolling stock and engines. I took my train track down to build a slot car track, now I want to do the reverse and build a new slot track/train track combined... cheers David
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    Welcome Tony Sounds like a nice track you are planning to build A lot of information and a few how to pages in the home track and scenery sections
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    It is posted on the Monday or Tuesday before the event, it will be a 10am meeting on Thursday (AEDST) this week.
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    Oh yeah slotters rejoice!!! Full* racing is back!! *Limitations specifically apply to single jabbed racers. Easing restrictions at 80% full vaccination When NSW gets to 80% double vaccination, restrictions will be eased further. Find out about the roadmap to opening up NSW. https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/easing-covid-19-restrictions/80-percent?utm_source=ServiceNSW_Consumer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2021-10-15_sfmc_576_con_covid_newsletter&utm_content=80_percent_roadmap&utm_term=see_updated_rules_button COVID 80% 1 - When NSW reaches 80% full vacination COVID 80% 2 - Visiting Family and Friends COVID 80% 3 - Travel and Transport
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    Howdy Ray, Finally found the post I've been looking for, we have spoken on the phone a while back. Now that we are free to mingle, those of us double jabbed at least, you can call in mate when you are next in Taree, I will PM you the address etc. Been a life saver having my own track to tinker on and tune some cars. If you have a few cars, bring them along, if not, no foul mate, I've got plenty including controllers that you can use, I've got you covered. Johnno Shenanigans Raceway
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    Not only one year but twice Terry, the PPL chassis assembled by my Grand daughter did win the series under a Lola body.
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    I got my notification that my Nissan and the Plymouth Cuda are heading my way. Exciting times.
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    I too am excited that Slot-it are doing tha Skaife Richards Nissan from 1992. Has anyone noticed that in the Slot-it photos the driver is wearing a helmet that looks close to what Skaife wore at Bathurst in 2010? It looks nothing like the helmets Skaife or Richards wore in 1992. Minor detail. The car looks great and no doubt will go well.
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    Hi All, I know it's been a while, but it's getting harder to find time, too many projects. Unfortunately, I find it hard to say no when I get requests LOL. @Kevan - Yep sure is Mate @Manuel Sanchez - They will all be freely available when made printable. May I ask, for all the members interested in these cars, put forward a list of which car should be next and so on. I'll try and get one done a week, should be doable as most are just external bodies. One list though. @Oldschool62 - It's finally printed! I tried to get as much detail on the body as possible, printed not to bad. After 42 hours this is the result with no cleanup, yet. It was an ambitious print, 0.4mm shell thickness - 3 shells, 0.6mm Z height, , 100% infill, 0.25mm Horizontal expansion. 15% support Cheers Vlad
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    That's a real shame I was really tempted to grab one of those. Though Im new to the hobby. This is very tempting, my father had (and ruined) one of the base models IRL cars when I was young (XY) always had a softspot for it, would be nice to grab one and custom paint it to look like the old one. Hi Jason good to see you made it here. With regards to the Torana, they run fine if you are running with magnets in so if the plan was to buy a plastic track and leave them in you can still go down this route.
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