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    It wouldn't have anything to do with the colour scheme ???
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    @TonyaussieThat's the one. The Bartlett car was based on a 77 model and It raced for a few years. The 80 model Scalextric are bringing out just give me a little hope. Check out youtube for some old footage.
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    That's a real shame I was really tempted to grab one of those. Though Im new to the hobby. This is very tempting, my father had (and ruined) one of the base models IRL cars when I was young (XY) always had a softspot for it, would be nice to grab one and custom paint it to look like the old one. Hi Jason good to see you made it here. With regards to the Torana, they run fine if you are running with magnets in so if the plan was to buy a plastic track and leave them in you can still go down this route.
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