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    Hi All, I know it's been a while, but it's getting harder to find time, too many projects. Unfortunately, I find it hard to say no when I get requests LOL. @Kevan - Yep sure is Mate @Manuel Sanchez - They will all be freely available when made printable. May I ask, for all the members interested in these cars, put forward a list of which car should be next and so on. I'll try and get one done a week, should be doable as most are just external bodies. One list though. @Oldschool62 - It's finally printed! I tried to get as much detail on the body as possible, printed not to bad. After 42 hours this is the result with no cleanup, yet. It was an ambitious print, 0.4mm shell thickness - 3 shells, 0.6mm Z height, , 100% infill, 0.25mm Horizontal expansion. 15% support Cheers Vlad
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    I see Metro Hobbies has on their site the Mean Machine and the Compact Pussycat as coming soon Looks like MPC may be re releasing them all. No mention of the other kits but i would assume that if they are available they will stock them All in 1/32nd scale I can see a lot of scratch building going on, plus good track decorations as well.
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    I planned on posting this up a couple of weeks ago but didn't quite get there. Scalextric have sent us another 2 new Aussie race cars which are always appreciated. Both cars have very attractive liveries and the Falcon in particular a nice change from the Red works Ford Falcons of Allan Moffat. Moffat was my favourite at the time but it is nice to see this car in particular. The paint is stunning and looks fantastic on the track. The French car is the second place getter from Bathurst 1972 and the year Brock beat the big guns in the little XU1 Torana where the wet conditions played into Holden's lap. It was also Brock's first win and the first year the cars were allowed some modifications which was to stop the manufacturers building 160 mph road versions of their cars. The Brock car is another nice looking livery and his second win. Some very nice detail on the car including the Hotwire wheels which look very nice with some sharp detail down to the wheel nuts. My only issue with the Torana is the axles are a little narrow meaning the wheels sit a little too far inboard. I did run both cars with magnets seeing I have plastic track but quickly pulled them out and ran them minus magnet and with the standard tyres. With a little bit of a sanding the Falcon ran very well and prompted me to set up all my other XW and XY Falcon's with a little weight and standard tyres. They drive well and quite realistically although I have noticed half of my Falcons have loose rear bush mounts in the chassis so will fix them at some stage. The Torana tyres really can't cope with the slimline motors power and it is all over the track. So I will eventually sort the Torana too as I find them a challenge but rewarding when the are done properly. Thanks again Scalextric we love the cars and will keep buying them of you keep making them. Maybe a few more liveries during the year please as we just don't seem to get enough of them. And maybe some other Australian cars also I am sure they will sell.
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    My only complaint is the wheels are too small. The rest of the car is great and I am well and truely looking forward to smashing it into Forests Elbow in the rain and driving my Dick Johnson Sierra past it. https://youtu.be/W9IBSJPadf8
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    I thought the first two releases of this car were a bit plain but I liked this one enough to buy it.
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    The beautiful R-Motorsport Castrol Aston Martin Vantage GT3 is now available to add to your #Scalextric collection
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    Planning to run the first round this Sunday at Alvaro's. Cheers Paul
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    Gentlemen builders have accepted the penalty let’s race on. Personally I have no way of even knowing if I have enough magnetic affect. I’m learning my lesson on the BRM motors as you guys are confirming they are quick. I can promise you, there will be a few in my future for wood track racing. That’s what I love about proxy racing around the world you pick up something from everyone THANK YOU!!
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    Storm in a teacup. All the high magnetic motored car owners have been contacted and all were unaware that their motors would infringe the rules. They have taken different options to resolve the issue and I'm happy to continue with this proxy knowing all the cars will be on a level playing field. Videos of Sunday's racing to come but some are really embarrassing for us drivers. Oh the shame.
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    I saw a video of the 1/24 wing cars doing sub 2 second laps and the caption was "fastest motorsport in the world". When you think about it it's true, so from now on I'm not telling everyone I race slot cars, I going to tell them I race the fastest motorsport in the world.
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    We have a race! Tomorrow (Sunday) on Alistair's track. Pics and race results will be posted tomorrow night with videos added later in the week. I'll also let you know which cars failed the Magnet Marshal test and automatically get a 5 point penalty. The penalty will be applied for each track we race on with magnabraid, which is most of the tracks in the proxy. Cheers Paul
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    After sitting on the shelf for way too long I have started the build on the Elfin Mono. Inspired by FPR7 from 2017 Tasman proxy series I thought it appropriate that this little car should see the light of day, obviously still some way to go but the hard stuff has been done( I hope) and just now to do the suspension and paint, Thanks for this body Phil, Unlke my past Tasman cars this car features a Slimline chassis from Pendle, this chassis absolutely blitzed the field back in 2016( I think,) no doubt someone will correct me on that, the chassis is very easy to put together and fits this quite thin body nicely
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    I was gifted a NOS 1/32 Strombecker body of the supercool, but ultimately unsuccessful, Chaparral 2H - the radical Jim Hall design that campaigned in the Can Am series in the mid 60's It sits on a truncated Pioneer chassis now and it's a sweet runner that corners surprisingly well - given the length of this boat and its narrow wheel track. The inserts come from Bingo - our in-club 3D printer genius. Each of those wire spokes is less than 0.3mm wide. Unreal. Perhaps more importantly, I may have finally made a slot car that The Great Munter may approve of. Maybe? Maybe not Thanks for looking.
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    Hi, I make resin copies of the BA wings in plain white for $2 each if you are still looking. I can also paint them up and decal them to specification if you want, but they will cost $5 each. I also do the Ford FG wings and the Holden VX, VY and FE wings. Here are a few recent examples. These are resin reproductions and are not as strong as the original plastic, and I would recommend removing them for racing. Perfect for shelf queens though.
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    @gazzaThanks for taking time posting these clips. I bought two Carrera Monz'a recently. One to do the Brock driven Bob Jane car and the other to do the Allan Moffat Federation car.
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    Hiya All, I'm fortunate enough to have both FDM and Resin printers, but have only printed with the FDMs. IMO, FDM is better suited for 1/24 scale cars, the prints come out very nicely detailed and quite smooth and the resin ones for 1/32 and smaller. In saying that, I can print a 1/32 body with good detail and keep it very smooth. But keep in mind, that it all comes down to the quality of the file. An ultra smooth file with details adjusted for 3D printing will produce a great print. Similar if you were to do a good resin body, it needs to be very smooth and have exaggerated details. I can say this as I've had the opportunity to work with a number of files of differing quality and it's very obvious by the out put. There has also been a lot of improvement in the slicing software too, big difference from 3 years ago. It's still early days for this hobby but you can get so much out of 3D printing for the small setup costs. The fantasy miniatures people have a heap of web based applications to create your own character or scenery and provide a high quality 3D file ready for printing. It's still very early days, but I want to enjoy these unique cars now while I can still pull a trigger. Cheers NimROD
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    First round will be next weekend - 9th or 10th October. I tried for this weekend but the track owner was sick. I'll keep you posted. Cheers Paul
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    Actually I admired his nonchalant brushing of the tire debris onto the track. A true master stroke. l confess to using the sandpaper sheet on the track method myself except I positioned the car in reverse so it pulls back against the paper. Who needs a fancy pancy tire lathe?
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    Not a shining example of sportsmanship from the crowd, but not unexpected I suppose, mob rule and all that Probably similar faces at the anti lockdown protests... Back on topic, I've had my name down for this one for months, not too concerned how it performs, very impressed Slot.it chose a bit of Australian history for their range! I'm sure it will sell like hot cakes!
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    I'm hanging out for the Bastos Camaro and the 80 Z28 street car. Dave Kennedy had a Bastos car that Scalextric sent him. IMO it is one of the best looking cars, I have a 1:1 78 Camaro and will be doing the street car as a replica of it. @munterdid some awesome american racing whel torq thust D inserts which my real car has.
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    I did petition Maurizio to add "You're a pack of assholes" to the plinth.....
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    My blue one goes good, a few grams of lead on the DPR hatch watsit and BRM Nascar tyres and it's a good runner on wood no magnet with just the usual body float goings on. This #33 definitely needs to come my way and I'm not even a Chevy man/fan.
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    au contrare young reptile, it's a flaming maze full of blind alleys and doctored street signs, plus some of the exits have recently been blocked off by deletion of tyre types we liked to use. But for our uses, there are about 3 standard types of tyre formulation, and just a few common sizes to fit any wheels we use This article will help with types of tyre https://www.slotraceshop.nz/Tyres.pdf This is a simple bit of data on wheels https://www.slotraceshop.nz/Wheels.pdf - Some of our class rules specify wheel sizes and or tyres, size is determined by car wheel in most cases, or specified in th0se class rules For wheel to tyre fits, need to try and find you a spare Slot.it catalogue as it gives common wheel and tyre fits in a chart, or you can read the pdf here at page 62 as a start point All the makers use similar sizing, and step from centre diameter down to the shoulders. Must be time for a weekend session when you have a free slot on a Saturday
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    I wanted "Gentleman Jim and some joker called Skaifey". . . . never mind
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    Woohhoo The latest news is: From Friday 1 October - two people able to visit another household at any one time, for any reason. So guess what I'll be doing this Saturday! Now I just have to find a track. Cheers Paul
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    With a few mods., (if your rules permit ) the Cox chassis can be made to run very well indeed !! Cheers Chris Walker
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    I have all the Torana's too even though I am a Ford fan. If Scalextric make classic Aussie cars I will buy every one. Bring on the Monaro's, Chargers and XU1 Torana. Although am impatiently waiting for the Slot.it Skyline.
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    Probably the best car I have built as there was so much I did to it. Could do with a bit of work actually, I was thinking I could make it run better with a different chassis and new interior.
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    Hi All, Been busy again, but a little free time coming up. @oldschool - sorry for the slow ship from Vlad, but it will be going out tomorrow in the mail. L hope your still excited @knoath - Not sure in resin mate, happy to share the file if you want a print it. It may be a little too thin though. @rosco01 - Thank mate, but remember I only worked on the wings, fenders and spoilers, the rest was already there. BTW, it has the same, or ver close wheel base to the ninco sierra. Also happy to share the file but it is thin @ 0.4mm wall thickness, as I adjusted the Horizontal fill to 0.25mm in cura Please send any requests to Vlad@cadstruk.com Cheers NimROD Ps the Alfa is next
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    They pop up on Ebay all the time but I make my own. I use the clear flat plastic covers that some foods come with, usually with a tin foil base. If you can find one the same thickness as an original windscreen even better. I had a windscreen which was broken in half, taped it up, flattened it and use it to make all the screens I need to replace. If you use masking tape you can tape the original to the flat plastic and simply cut to shape. I then fold it in half and use a hairdryer etc to bend the screen to the correct shape, without heating the plastic the screen will go white where the crease is. Easy enough if you have one to copy otherwise you will need to buy them. Phil Smith from scaleslotcars.com may have spares but ebay is probably the easiest. Matt
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    Plastic Storage Box Organizer (Ref. SC-5086) Introducing the new organizing box to save different materials and / or accessories. Made in transparent plastic, triple individual lid with ′′ clip ′′ and ideal #slotbox measures: 183 x93x34mm. Available in your usual specialty store. ** (Single box supplied only, without parts).
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    I think he may have been showing how little is needed to get the tyres trued and ready for the track, bit old school, but it works
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    "Good morning boys and girls, are you ready to Ladbroke it today?"
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    Appetite wetting time ......... The new Skyline GT-R, a closer look. CA47d Good to see Jim finally has his name on it.
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    Watched this as a kid as well..... kinda dates us all doesn't it Muttley
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    Could use the results of the legends series to find each racers average placing in the races they attended to help evenly distribute the teams
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    Arriving in March/April 2022, Audi R8 LMP #3 24h Le Mans 2001 drivers: J. Herbert, D.Theys, R. Kelleners. Product Code: CA33d **Note: The car will come with a new chassis CS33t-60b**
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    While building a Pioneer Legends 34 Ford white kit I wondered what else i have on the 3D printer could fit the chassis So behold the XE Legend Had the Falcon file so it was only a matter of shrinking it down to fit the chassis, fit some outrageous wide guards and there you have it Bit more fun for the track and i'm sure no one else is going to turn up with the same body and scheme on race night
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    If you haven't seen this site yet, check it out, inspirational to say the least https://www.facebook.com/trajectoire132/?notif_id=1631796544462631&notif_t=page_post_liker_invite&ref=notif https://www.trajectoire132.com/?fbclid=IwAR0mt_1Gf90VmgZuCyDJimyP5BHUw7NDXVl-cOecyqRLJA2CksWFQ_u85Ug
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    Hi Guys, Here’s a little video showing data streaming into the PC from the car. Just like 1:1 race cars Scorpius has telemetry. Yes the car receives throttle data and sends telemetry 100 times per second. In this telemetry is all sorts of goodies. It tells you what your car ID is, throttle data from 0-255 (256 steps) and similarly with brakes 0-255. It tells you what sector you are in, which lane you are in and wether the car is trying to perform a lane change. Telemetry is fed into the Scorpius Race Management System and algorithms work out fuel usage, simulated tank weight, simulated tyre and brake wear with the new simulations recently added. New telemetry to be added to the big brother Multi Protocol Decoder includes G forces, (using an onboard accelerometer), RPM (tacho using hall sensor on motor) and BEMF (back EMF detection). These are all world firsts by Scorpius. It’s interesting that only the Scorpius system has any form of telemetry after all these years. https://youtube.com/shorts/rS_ScbF-JcU?feature=share
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    New Scorpius F1 chip fitted into a Thunderslot Lola. Third picture shows new versus old. It’s amazing how fast technology moves. Rick Aussieslotter
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    That's a real shame I was really tempted to grab one of those. Though Im new to the hobby. This is very tempting, my father had (and ruined) one of the base models IRL cars when I was young (XY) always had a softspot for it, would be nice to grab one and custom paint it to look like the old one. Hi Jason good to see you made it here. With regards to the Torana, they run fine if you are running with magnets in so if the plan was to buy a plastic track and leave them in you can still go down this route.
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