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    I'm not driving that ****!...
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    Thanks Bings for hosting. 12 with so many regulars unavailable is awesome. And this is to educate young Snake
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    It was great to see your young lads get involved Dave. Levi certainly earned his encouragement award with all that great marshalling he did
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    Will get all the following UK cars in the post this week. BARacer, Dixie, JohnnieE, Nonfractual. Peter Gunn's will be shipped by sea, via both Poles, on a canoe, with a leaky hull. I'll use the original boxes which will have the return addresses. PG's will have a Columbian sticker that says "This container has been hermetically sealed to keep all drugs fresh for use".
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    Hi Gref, im sure photos and results wont be long I know Gazza took a lot of photos......it was a great 4 days....Oldman
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    Yes that is correct The Magnet Marshalls are all set up the same at the factory (I guess) but do vary a bit all the MM dose is measure in grams the force that the magnets from the motor and or the traction magnets apply to the tyres A pictures worth a 1000 words ( in my case 100 000) words
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    Do you mean that once every month we run a single class with longer heats or a teams race? If so, I like that idea.
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    Greg i am interested in this after our 3 cars were penalised a lot in the touring car proxy run by Paul if you look at the thread on here on the 21st October 2021 in the practise race you will see Paul stated our 3 BRM 23K motors were all differant 111topped out at 75 , 90 same motor at 52 and Johnnie E at 32 , i have been thinking of actually getting a magnet marshall to use here but the cost is to much the way things are . Cannot tell you what magnet marshall Paul used as i only know of one hence my asking for your input don't want to have this problem again in future builds , one thing we were not aware of here was a number of tracks used magnabraid , all 3 cars were set up here on copper tape tracks , as you would know no effect at all on track mag pull
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    Hi Greg interesting having come up against this problem in a recent proxy series , how accurate are these as going by the Magnet Marshall Sports Racer used the same motor set up in 3 cars basically the same showed 3 differing reults not by a little but a lot again according to Paul from 30 odd gs to 80 odd the latter figure i found very hard to beleive , as people i spoke to had never heard of that higher figure in a 23k S can so how accurate are things like Magnet Marshall's.
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