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    It was great to see your young lads get involved Dave. Levi certainly earned his encouragement award with all that great marshalling he did
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    Some good photos there Garry, Well done to all the place getters and to all involved in organising the event. Was a good fun three days overall. Would definitely do it again. My two young boys, Levi and Liam, had a great time. We entered all three of us in each class for each day and it was up to them to say if they had enough... but they got through the whole lot with big smiles. Dave.
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    I'm not driving that ****!...
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    Winning is not every thing ....Being one point in front of Sports Racer is
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    We may as well start the arguments early this time so here are the rules for the next Touring Car Proxy which will be open for entrants early next year. The only change is motor choice is now limited. The list of eligible motors is open for discussion so will not be finalised until later this year. I like the idea of using only one type of motor (Slot.it orange endbell or Slot.it long can) but it depends on availability especially when we have entrants from all around the world. Rule Number One: Any modification not specifically detailed below needs to be discussed. Bribes of cash, cake or chocolate are encouraged. 1. Body 1.1: Any Injection moulded or resin bodied car from the approved list that is marketed as a 1/32 scale Ready-to-Run (RTR) slot car. No vacuum formed or blow moulded bodies. Max width 63mm. Cars must be from 1990 or later, no cars from the 80's or earlier. Approved List, let me know if I've left a car out. Any BTCC car Any DTM car Alfa 156 GTA Alfa 155 Audi A4 DTM Audi A5 DTM Audi TT DTM BMW 1, 3 or 4 Series Fiat Punto Ford Focus Ford Falcon Holden Commodore Honda Accord Honda Civic Type-R Hyundai Accent Mercedes C-class DTM Mercedes CLK DTM Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Opel Astra Opel Vectra Opel V8 DTM Coupe Opel Calibra Peugeot 406 Coupe (not Silhouette) Renault Clio Renault Megane SEAT Leon Subaru Imprezza WRX Volvo S60R VW Passat 1.2: Chassis - No restrictions. Body screws should be taped or covered in bluetak to prevent loss. External body parts - mirrors, wipers, wings - though desirable are not required. 1.3: Guide may not project beyond the body as viewed from directly above. Tracks will all be routed wood with 8 mm deep slots. 1.4: Cars must have sufficient ground clearance to permit free running without contacting the track. Cars which drag on the track may be excluded at the track owners’ discretion. 1.5: Clear window material must be used where the real car has clear material. 1.6: Racing numbers must be visible in three places on body. Racing numbers must match. Bodies may be painted in fantasy or realistic liveries. Non-decorated cars (for example plain white kits) are not allowed. Duplicate numbers are allowed but if everyone enters the red #7 Slot.it Alfa 155 I’m going to be reaching for the spray can. 1.7: Headlights and taillights are required but do not have to illuminate. 1.8: Interior must include, at minimum, dashboard top, driver, steering wheel and shelf under the rear window. If vacuum formed, must be of reasonable detail and proportion. Champion style and paper drivers are not permitted. 1.9: No weight limit. 1.10: Bodies may be lightened provided there are no external changes and wheel arch openings remain standard. 2. Wheels and Tires 2.1: Tires may not project beyond the body when the car is at rest on a level track, as viewed from directly above. 2.2: Reasonable scale appearing inserts are required in all wheels unless the wheels have scale appearance and detail. Blank disc wheels must be covered with inserts. 2.3: Wheels must look like they were used on the 1:1 car. No F1 rims or 12 mm (dia) wheels unless the original car raced with small wheels. 2.4: Front tire diameter must be within 2mm of rear tire diameter. 2.5: Minimum front tire width is 8mm. Front tires may be profiled so that a narrower area contacts the track but must otherwise be full width. 2.6: Tires must be urethane or rubber. Silicon and foam tires are forbidden. Tires must appear to be black. Clear finish may be applied to front tire tread area. No chemical treatment (such as oil soaking) is permitted. If anyone has trouble getting a suitable pair of rear tyres I can provide, fit, glue and true for a small fee. 3. Motors Only motors from the below list of manufacturers are allowed: (This list is open to debate and will not be finalised until later this year. Preference is for a single make but for now lets discuss what options people want) Carrera Ninco NSR Predator Revo Slot Scaleauto Scalextric Sideways SCX Slot.it Thunderslot 3.1: FC-130 slot car motor must produce less than 23.5K rpm at 12 Volts. FK-180 are limited to 21.5K rpm. No rewinds or "mod motors" allowed. 3.2: Magnetic down force from motor may not exceed 30 grams as checked with a Magnet Marshal, exclusive of car weight. None of the motor brands listed above should infringe this limit. 3.3: Motor can be glued/taped/screwed in place. Pods can be taped or glued to restrict movement. 4. Modifications 4.1: Any part of the car may be replaced by any manufacturer’s parts. All wheel drive may be used only if the actual car used it. 4.2: Weight/ballast can be added. 4.3: Spring and magnetic suspension packages are allowed. 4.4: No traction magnets allowed. 4.5: Bushings and motor can be glued into place. 5. Vehicle Identification 5.1: Entrant’s name and body screw adjustment information should be affixed to the underside of the chassis in a readable manner. 6. Penalties 6.1: non-compliant mechanical and car set up issues including wheels/tyres at scrutineering - 5 points 6.2: repair of mechanical failure deemed not to be caused primarily by accident damage - 5 points. A grub screw coming loose is not a mechanical failure and won't be penalised. 6.3: car not run due to hosts discretion because of clearance issues - no points will be awarded for that round. Car owner has the option to replace tyres or park the car. 6.4: For all other non-specified events requiring vehicle work the penalty, if any, will be based on a principle of reasonable fairness to all entrants at sole discretion and decision of the organizers
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    Bought this on a whim with a few classic Carrera muscle cars. Didn’t have any donor chassis, so modified the snot out of it, to get rid of the front stub axles and push the guide forward about 1cm. Overall the chassis sits 2mm lower at front, 1mm lower at back. The body has been dropped 2mm into the chassis. Throwing out the Carrera innards, chopping the window unit and grinding the body and interior, took 8gms out, down from 83gm to 75gms, then 7gms lead added in total, back to 82gms, with an SRP 16k s-can motor. Overall it is fairly well balanced, runs similar to my Ninco XK120 Jag convertible, which weighs 81gms. It is for our Pre ‘65 Sports class at club. . ‘merican flavoured. A ‘63 Corvette Stingray C2. The Carrera body/chassis and narrow track means it won’t be as fast as some of the class cars, but it is doing close to my Ninco Jag on my track though less forgiving. And it looks cool …. Original wheels turned down for inserts
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    Your boys were a credit to you Dave and it is so great to see young people involved in the hobby at that level! Well done you!
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    Thank you Gary for your fantastic photo's from the weekend, you captured the mood perfectly.
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    Thanks Bings for hosting. 12 with so many regulars unavailable is awesome. And this is to educate young Snake
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    ...its been a long time between drinks so had to log in with new profile
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    Thanks for putting some photos up Gary. Was a great event over the long weekend here in WA. Great to meet everyone from over East and NZ that made it along as well. Was a busy few days beforehand setting everything up but well worth the effort from everyone involved. Big shout out to the Brunswick Junction crew for hosting the event, from the track facilities to the catering etc. And of course NSR for allowing us to host the race here in WA. The whole 3 days of racing was run very well and smooth, and everyone knew what to do when it came to their turn to marshal, race etc. Probably the unluckiest racing I've had with a gear failure in the main event in F1, breaking a motor pod the night before the GT3 event, then having the GT3 car breakdown in the top 16 races. All in all it was a great weekend of racing, big learning curve but plenty of fun as well. cheers Matt
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    Day 2 GT3 Motor pod failure saw the top three cars out all within 10 laps of each other
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    Will get all the following UK cars in the post this week. BARacer, Dixie, JohnnieE, Nonfractual. Peter Gunn's will be shipped by sea, via both Poles, on a canoe, with a leaky hull. I'll use the original boxes which will have the return addresses. PG's will have a Columbian sticker that says "This container has been hermetically sealed to keep all drugs fresh for use".
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    Hi Gref, im sure photos and results wont be long I know Gazza took a lot of photos......it was a great 4 days....Oldman
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    Yes that is correct The Magnet Marshalls are all set up the same at the factory (I guess) but do vary a bit all the MM dose is measure in grams the force that the magnets from the motor and or the traction magnets apply to the tyres A pictures worth a 1000 words ( in my case 100 000) words
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    Do you mean that once every month we run a single class with longer heats or a teams race? If so, I like that idea.
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    Greg i am interested in this after our 3 cars were penalised a lot in the touring car proxy run by Paul if you look at the thread on here on the 21st October 2021 in the practise race you will see Paul stated our 3 BRM 23K motors were all differant 111topped out at 75 , 90 same motor at 52 and Johnnie E at 32 , i have been thinking of actually getting a magnet marshall to use here but the cost is to much the way things are . Cannot tell you what magnet marshall Paul used as i only know of one hence my asking for your input don't want to have this problem again in future builds , one thing we were not aware of here was a number of tracks used magnabraid , all 3 cars were set up here on copper tape tracks , as you would know no effect at all on track mag pull
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    Hi Greg interesting having come up against this problem in a recent proxy series , how accurate are these as going by the Magnet Marshall Sports Racer used the same motor set up in 3 cars basically the same showed 3 differing reults not by a little but a lot again according to Paul from 30 odd gs to 80 odd the latter figure i found very hard to beleive , as people i spoke to had never heard of that higher figure in a 23k S can so how accurate are things like Magnet Marshall's.
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    Hi Guys. App is now even faster.
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    Last minute headache for those coming over for the NSR Championship The wiring for the controllers is different to the standard NSW setup Also the plug for the track has a round pin earth The white plug connects to the "Sydney standard" setup, the red and green, in the picture, are swapped over for the new connection plug, the "blue wire" stays the same. If you can't get hold of a round earth pin plug, you can easily modify a ordinary one by grinding the sides of the flat "earth" pin and soldering a 20mm length of 3/16 brass tubing , as per the grey plug Good luck
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    Hi Oldman, Shaynus, Tank and all. Thanks for another great round. Not sure whether my car is getting better or the drivers are getting more used to driving what I thought might be a bit of a beast. I am most appreciative of all your efforts on my behalf and everybody else's of course. Looking like TANK is getting into an unbeatable position but the other podium positions are all still in the melting pot. Best of luck to you all. Regards Charles Le Breton (charlesx)
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    HI Keith The Plafit Pointer is a Japanese 13D type motor similar to the SRP 13D motors that also come in a variety of rev ranges & Pendles stock them. I've been using them in this proxy & others for the last couple of years & find them very reliable.I just sent off my Slot it Group C LANCIA entry to Canada for the Worlds with a Pointer as the power supply. Last years entry was my MOMO Porsche with a Pointer which was a midfielder but I think my main trouble was gearing & trying to get the tyres to grip.I used the Porsche as my test mule with revised gearing & after many hours my of testing with a Preditor motor in the LANCIA I gave up & put a new Pointer in & picked up .2 of a second & was whisper quiet. I don't think it will be much better in that kind of company but at least it looks to be better than last years car, I hope. Both cars are beautifull to drive with the MOMO using a Plafit chassis & the LANCIA using my new Carbon suspension chassis the same as my Megane in this proxy. You can get them online at ACE Hobbies in Brisbane for $10 AU. Cheers Jimmy
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    Not much of an update, but i ran 200 laps in each lane with my NSR McLaren on Tuesday to see how lap times came up. I then ran all my NSR race cars on 20 lap qualifying for comparative lap times. cars in order of times
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    Sideways SW79 Toyota Celica LB GR.5 Turbo 1978 - Rodenstock Sideways SWCAR04B 720S GT3 Historical Color F1 GTR N39 LM 1997 Available Late September
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    I am out this week. I am home, but not yet fully functioning. Bahia Vista should be fully functioning by next week.
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    Haahahaha can't remember the last time i got a award , so will cherish it and try to be an even bigger PITA in future
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    Go along with the length of time thought it was longer than that , seemed years , now what have we learned , 1, the top 2 cars are roughly the same as the other years, and finish at the top. . 2. The proxy organiser is not always right. 3. In any proxy home track advantage is a good thing to have. 4. Agree small cars don't go well but could be better with differant set up. 5. And my final comment being Paul's particular PITA friend , personally this series started of with a bad taste in my mouth as regards the cars we put out , quite happy to take the original penalty, but not after that , if we are going to have differant motors we ALL will need to buy mag masters , just look at the beginning of the series, so i will push for a series motor, but being me Paul will take no notice. Overall my pick of the field is Lance nearly there but not quite , next series he might just upset Paul and then become his PITA friend , not sure about next year have to see what the rules are going to be first, so Paul the ball is now in your court for 2023 , just please get things right before we start cheers, and i suppose i had better say well done for winning chuckle in my mind never in doubt.
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    Here’s a few more install pics. Only 1.7mm high. No more cutting off drivers legs or modifying cockpits. Simple, straightforward install. Wires especially selected for the ultimate install. Don’t be fooled this tiny chip can run a 46k motor all day long at full speed. Weight is negligible. Scorpius: World innovators and leaders in digital slot car technologies.
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    I find it too bloody hard to find WA currency on THIS side of the island!
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    This proxy allows any material for the chassis as long as you run a commercial plastic or resin body. I do however draw the line at depleted uranium, unless it's half-life is measured in minutes, not centuries. The intent is for participants to stretch their imagination (and capability) to produce the fastest car possible within the rules. The only change to the rules will be a list of approved motors so there will be no issue with ones that have too much magnetic affect. The next proxy will be early next year so we have lots of time to debate on which motors to use. I will probably restrict entry to 18 cars and have a runoff to decide the top 18. With 18 cars it's much easier and quicker to run a round. Paul
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    Nonfractal, the Dixie car is my wife's entry she nicks me bits then builds a better car than i do , something wrong there , Sandra was a lady slot car racer throughout the 1960's and her motto was join them and beat them chuckle. The mid pack is where the interesting racing is in any sport just look at F1 , as i have said before it,s consistancy on any track is what's needed , that is what the top 2 or 3 cars have , oh and on the lady front i ran in a team in the late 60,s early 70,s with 2 lady drivers doing endurance 6/12 hour races , Mel would start of as she was quick, i would drive the 4 or 6 hour middle stint as i was consistant , could lap all the time at the same speed , Melanie , Mel's sister did the last stint because she was fast, never underestamate a lady slotter
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    You could also run the New Cahoza S motor, 21,500rpm, 175g,/cm and only $25.80. For those that are unaware , Cahoza is a major supplier of first class parts for the metal chassis cars. They have just branched out into the RTR cars with a range of motors. Check em out, www.hobbiesplus.co.nz the quality is up there and the price is hard to beat.
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    Hi Guys, Here it is the most advanced digital slot car decoder ever produced. Proudly Aussie invented and developed. We have ramped up testing protocols to ensure a robust product. As you know a lot of products are rushed to market and have ongoing issues for unfortunate end users. So apologies if it’s taking a bit longer. The car decoder is the hardest of all products to produce. Supply chain issues and production delays have sees our chip 4 months behind schedule. Here the Thunderslot with 46k Shark is doing a huge 41.4K h (11.5 m/s) where telemetry, Lane Brain detection and lane change is being tested at high speed. The average highest speed you’ll encounter in a digital track is 6.5km/h and we are testing at almost twice that to give headroom. 10,000 test laps takes just 84 min using our loop test track. We have diagnostic programs we have written for car telemetry and Lane Brain transmission. Both extremely handy. These tools along with the loop ensure the highest test standards in the industry. Boot loader and app updates work perfectly with no stress or headaches. We are at programming stage (loading completed firmware into chips using a custom made jig) which is slow. We normally get it done at the factory but that would have caused delays also. Once programmed and tested these will be shipped. All pre sold however we are ready to do another production run immediately to fulfil new order requests. The chip is here is drawing a huge 2.2A almost continuously without getting hot. Size is second to none and weight is 0.7g without wires making for an easy and unobtrusive install. Pre orders for our second production run on this are now open.
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    First I have bought a 3 - wire ribbon cable and a round aluminum tubing from the hardware store. The aluminum tube I cut into 3.5 cm long items. Then I painted the items and the ribbon cable gray. Now I screwed 6 cm long screws through the plywood and chipboard. About this the cutted aluminium tubings were placed and glued with super glue. Final I glued the ribbon cable to the aluminium tubings and fixed with clothes pins. Alternative you can attach the cable to the aluminum tube pieces with small screws. Maybe someone wants to try it.
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