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    Some good photos there Garry, Well done to all the place getters and to all involved in organising the event. Was a good fun three days overall. Would definitely do it again. My two young boys, Levi and Liam, had a great time. We entered all three of us in each class for each day and it was up to them to say if they had enough... but they got through the whole lot with big smiles. Dave.
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    Your boys were a credit to you Dave and it is so great to see young people involved in the hobby at that level! Well done you!
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    Thank you Gary for your fantastic photo's from the weekend, you captured the mood perfectly.
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    It was great to see your young lads get involved Dave. Levi certainly earned his encouragement award with all that great marshalling he did
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    ...its been a long time between drinks so had to log in with new profile
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    Thanks for putting some photos up Gary. Was a great event over the long weekend here in WA. Great to meet everyone from over East and NZ that made it along as well. Was a busy few days beforehand setting everything up but well worth the effort from everyone involved. Big shout out to the Brunswick Junction crew for hosting the event, from the track facilities to the catering etc. And of course NSR for allowing us to host the race here in WA. The whole 3 days of racing was run very well and smooth, and everyone knew what to do when it came to their turn to marshal, race etc. Probably the unluckiest racing I've had with a gear failure in the main event in F1, breaking a motor pod the night before the GT3 event, then having the GT3 car breakdown in the top 16 races. All in all it was a great weekend of racing, big learning curve but plenty of fun as well. cheers Matt
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    Day 2 GT3 Motor pod failure saw the top three cars out all within 10 laps of each other
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