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    Next time you shod a car with fresh urethane tires, don't ever use your "cleaner" on them. Use only water. I expect you'll see the difference and realize that your "cleaner" is actually a "treatment." ;-)
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    Like Munter, I race on a gloss enamel track and almost exclusively run rubber tyres. For years I used CRC 2-26 with great success. Now I use a 60/40 blend of good quality synthetic two stroke oil and WD-40. It was recommended to me, works well, and is easier to source than 2-26. I personally think there is little difference between any of the oil treatments that Munter mentioned. On a clean gloss track, I can get near perfect grip using any of them. In my book, good initial prep on the truer is the key to good tyres. I have found that CRC 556 works better with harder tyre compounds, like stock Scalextric. I massage it in with my fingers, and put on as much as possible without it pooling at the bottom of the tyre. I leave the wet tyre to dry and repeat the process a couple more times over the next 24hrs. Before and after each race i will massage another small drop of 556 into the tyres to keep them moist and prevent them from drying out. If I'm not running that car very often, I will try and remember to massage in a drop of oil every couple of weeks for the same reason.
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