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    I was having a laugh about your comment - 'personally I am into sheep' my poor attempt at humour as well it seems
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    I have heard of Koala Tyre treatment - I gather from the title that it is based on Eucalyptus oil. I tried some E-Oil and didn't notice any real difference in grip. I also tried mixing it with some other spirits. Charles - you may want to review/edit your post you are reinforcing a stereotype that us Aussies have of you chaps across the ditch. LOL "Thanks Icarve37. Does your name suggest you like lamb. Personally I am into sheep but the odd bit of corned beef, steak or even pork is always welcome."
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    Icarve - was just highlighting that citrus cleaners are a treatment for urethanes - which does improve grip significantly- as they are a fairly low grip tyre compared to soft “rubbers” on glass tracks. My extreme dissolving example at the time was just to demonstrate to them that it WAS a treatment, not merely a “cleaner” as they claimed at the time. I think Hoogs was the first to actually twig to that. Hugh and Malcom had both noticed MJK tyre life seeming to shorten. As for soft rubbers - specifically NSR ultra and supergrip, Slot.it N and F series, Sideways Hi-grip and Prospeed, They all respond to similar treatments. NSR oil does cost more than most single malts, ……but you need a lot less to get satisfaction Locally we have been using various of all the aerosol based oil type things Munter mentioned, often 50/50 on a skid pad with NZR oil or sewing machine oil or 3 In 1 (anything with low viscosity really) But personally, I have gone back to just using the NSR oil on a “rolling road” for at least a couple of hours after the 2nd (or third ) true as needed., as the initial treatment; then a quick spin on the rolling road or a skid pad on Raceday. Rolling road and skid pad If you go to Nelson for any of Tonz events, you’ll have seen it all anyway. In the final shakedown, we all race on different surfaces, with slightly varying treatment practices. I just go with the flow and these days, try and keep up
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    and it is readily available in reasonably large quantities
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    Sorry Icarve37 if I got a little off track. Apologies to Flippant or whoever if I offended anybody but that was certainly not my intention. Jus expressing my view. As I said treatment is fine but everybody needs to and be allowed to use. Some methods or products may be better than others but at least everybody has the same opportunity. I follow the rules for any event very strictly and always have. If lead is allowed and I see an advantage I will use. If it is required again I will comply but only because I have to. If you do not like you do not have to enter. Re proxy cars most use urethan tyres. With recent Bathurst Proxy event they were even supplied and fitted by organiser. All I can say is please enjoy your racing. Noting can be better than a group of closely matched cars dicing. Some people will always be better drivers or better tuners but that is life. Our recent NSR Fiat Abarth Teams Racing event was raced absolutely standard except same person was asked to set-up all the cars as evenly as possible (original tyres glued and trued and no weight or other changes. This has been an out-standing success. The cars are so even which is the way it should be (in my opinion) but everybody is welcome to their own view. Regards Char;les Le Breton racing since 1960 (charlesx) and all the best in Slotting or whatever you chose to race.
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    I have used Paul's XPGs on 1/32 cars and 1/24s. I am happy with the Shore 40 my cars are fast enough for my liking at the club I race with. I tried making Shore 30 tyres but didn't find them to be that much better than the 40s and they pretty much needed glueing on for every car. I don't usually glue the tyres on my 1/32 cars. Perhaps we are all Captain Slow at our club - but we enjoy our racing. Ninco NC1s feature in a lot of our classes and we have an 18k motor limit (well we allow Scalextric motors which are only notionally 18k) in most of our other classes. We also run the Revoslot and BRM Mini Saloons with stock rubber or urethane tyres and Carrera 1/24 on urethane. Tend to find with them the firmer tyres are better than the XPGs.
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    Yea funny eh I was just thinking about that exact thing and how far some comments are away from the question Didn't really ask for someone's thesis on good over evil in the use of tyre treatments Don't want to know about goo goop or glue - thats whats used on the track on metal chassis cars I believe - whole different kettle of boiled fish that Didn't really ask if not using treatment would make me more manly -couldn't be any more manly anyway Wasn;t really asking about urethanes and if you want to soak them in a tub of solvent overnight and they fall apart you should continue that testing and put your whole cars in the solvent and see how long it takes them to fall apart and BTW I have always used and only use citrus based cleaner on urethanes I put it on a rag and clean the contct patch of the tyre I did it after I won a race with one of my pioneer mustangs last night . The tyres I put on that car I bought from Paul gage and fitted in 2012 still perfect btw So thanks for the early comment about MB slot treatment being good And thank you Munter for suggesting: CRC 226, 3 in 1 oil, naphtha/fuelite, saliva, suntan lotion ... and thinned tire-bite with fuelite. Seems the CRC226 is a popular choice particularly with some of the English guys I personally have tried 3 in 1 oil with mixed results and I'm still always going to use citrus cleaner on my urethanes -tho thats to clean them its not intended as a treatment and I don't believe it affects them in the way a treatment affects rubber tyres in the long run. Thats where we differ I guess Mark so I wonder if anyone else has an alternative to NSR tyre treatment oil price in NZ $12 for a little bottle probably about 20mls thats $600 per litre by the way and I won't even spend that on the best Rum or Whiskey so I'm not going to pay that to wipe on my tyres so keen to hear if there's a next best product still thanks!!
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    I will try to get my place ready for hosting next week. It won’t be flash but it will be workable. No big screen but hopefully only half a shed of boxes and miscellaneous Knick knacks…….watch this space.
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