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    Thanks for the news Munter, sad as it is. I did a spot of Googling, including on Slotforum, and there are plenty of details about the new operator, who by all accounts is continuing Bruno's legacy. As I mentioned in my previous post Bruno came across as a real 'gentilhomme' who delivered great products very promptly, and always included a 'Thank You' note with his shipments. My tyres box proudly carries his Slotcarstyres sticker. Den
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    And all that work I did to get PB's as close as I could. Be interesting to note how Scalextric do..... I know this model more closely than almost every other that I have worked on. Still not finished yet, but it's only the figure - by golly, it's tough getting a figure to look like the driver..... nearly there, and we can finally put this one up on the shelf. Mind you, if I'd known two years back that Scalextric were going to release one - I'd have had two years hobby time to spare... Rosco
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