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    Thanks for the pic Flip. It's not the nicest looking turn in the world is it. Might just shelve the idea and stick to the tried an true parabolics. Thanks too Vinno, that sounds like a home track advantage kinda corner
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    A first look at some of our cars coming later this year! New POLICAR models, expected in Q2 2022: Lotus 72E - #1 - 1st Monaco GP 1974 driver: Ronnie Peterson code: CAR02g BRM P160 - #14 - 1st Spielberg GP 1971 driver: Jo Siffert code: CAR08a NEW MOULD prototype picture enclosed The BRM P160 was designed by Tony Southgate for British Racing Motors. Unlike many other British manufacturers, B.R.M. also built their own engines, in this case a 3 liters V12, which in the course of its career won four GPs overall. In this model, Policar reproduces the car that won the 1971 Austrian Grand Prix held on the Spielberg circuit in Styria, then known as the ÖsterreichRing. The exhausts of the V12 BRM are faithfully reproduced in 3D printing. Jo Siffert, a very fast and constant Suisse driver on both Formula and Sport cars, won this race, which was, unfortunately, his last victory. CAR08a http://catalog.slot.it/product/product-details/?id=4733 CAR02g http://catalog.slot.it/product/product-details/?id=4757
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    Only that he's crazy enough to organize a proxy. ;-) Oh, and a tire truing tip.
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