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    Hi Peeps, I'm in the early planning stages for a routed slot track. I've got about 4' by 18' to play with and am thinking of a 2 lane analog Bertrand 8 style track. Something like this to give a rough outline: Through the wonders of youtube algorithms this video got prompted to me today and I found it really interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBc827pwKf0 It got me thinking about making one of the big 180 degree corners at either end of the track an isochronus curve. Has anyone included an isochronus curve in their track? If so how does it run? And if not got any guesses? I tend to make my curves elliptical as I like a smooth transition from straight to curve. Do you think an isochronus curve would have an OK blend from straight to curve? Thanks! Andrew
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    The release of the Slot.It Winfield Nissan really reignited my interest in slots. It had been about 4 years since I'd bought a car, and other than very occasionally dragging out some plastic track, I haven't really had much of a drive for about 10 years. Since we moved to the coast I haven't found anyone else down here who races and I quickly ran out of talent at my first go at building a routed track. I was occasionally taking a couple of cars up to Fyshwick, but once they moved to the other side of Canberra I became a bit of a slot car collector. Anyway, Godzilla was enough of an incentive and Hulme Park Raceway, named obviously after the late, great Denny. I've indulgently named parts of the track based on some of my favourite drives past and emerging. It measures 5.09m on a 180cm x 50cm footprint. Painted with Dulux Suede with a very light sand with 200grit paper just to take the top off the texture. My Formula NSR #27 Ferrari did a 3.5 pretty much out of the box, and two Pioneer Mustangs, one set up for magnetless running on wood, the other set up with a magnet both did 3.6s. I'm hoping to use Race Coordinator on my laptop with a webcam for timing, although having some issues setting it up. PC Lap Counter is triggering, just need to dial the sensitivity in on the hotspot and be a little less reliant on the lap timer on the phone and actually sort it out. And to pretty it up, with some lines and fences and the rest. Anyway, long story short, glad I finally got around to doing something, even if it's small, it'll keep me occupied.
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