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    We were supposed to round this round last week but circumstances etc. This coming Sunday, 1pm local time on Dave's track. It's another power track, suits the cars with boxer motors. Cheers Paul
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    Hi all During last our last lockdown, which thankfully didn't last too long, I decided to purchase some 3D files. This is my first attempt at a mostly self made slotcar - one of my goals for my 3D printer. Body was printed on the smallest wall thickness. It lost a little detail but I plan to race this in our Aussie Touring Car class so not too bothered with how pretty it is. Decals have arrived from Pattos place so will add these when I get some time. Have gone for peel & stick as I find them excellent to work with and very hardy for door to door rubbing. Body, chassis, guide & driver 3D printed in PLA+ on a Creality Ender 5 Wheel inserts are Resin printed from Slotcar Innovations https://www.facebook.com/Slot-Car-Innovations-101977758704509 Interior & windows vac formed. (thanks to Munter for his help) Some pics of the journey Cheers
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    Ok folk, bump.... been a while on this thread. Cooper #2 returned from this year's Tasman Cup proxy series.. didn't get a podium, but was awarded the John Smedley constructors award... chuffed. Sadly, there is quite a bit of paint damage - not down to running in the series, but issues with Tamiya surfacer/primer. It showed up a lots of lateral cracks across the body - I believed it may have been the Humbrol cleer cote (note spelling), but such was not the case. I started rubbing it down and it wasn't long before I found that the issue was deep... way deep - at primer level. The Tamiya colour coats were fine - but the primer fragmented below them... the cracks making their way to the top.... I have now rubbed back the body to bare resin and am now using SMS paints... so far, three coats of white primer/surfacer and two rub backs... I have airbrushed a mix of three different SMS paint colours to get the gold of Tamiya.. and are pretty happy with it. I ended up using a mix of Inca Gold, Rich Gold, Super Silver and some Yellow to get as close as I could to Tamiya Titan Gold.. I'll use SMS white this time and finally overcoat everything with SMS 2K Ultra Clear.... that stuff is simply amazing - such depth and flow-out. Ok, will have some pix soon... big job, it was easier the first time around without the driver, cockpit and windshield in situ.. As rubbed back to resin... frats, Rosco
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    Updated photos of the CA39e race n.70 12h Sebring 2014 Lola, is a great looking car
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    Got some shed time this weekend so decals on. Took the quick & easy path with the peel & stick. I find these good for racing with a car that gets handled a lot.
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    Thanks guys. Really appreciate the feedback. Vinno the colour is Tamiya Brilliant Blue TS-44. And Mark yep have a can of TS-35 Park Green for the Greens Tuf build. The chassis is a mash up of one I found on Thingiverse with a pod I drew up blended in. We run this class non podded. Wheel base and track is very similar to the Scaley XB.
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    Saw this running last night. Supercool. Stance is spot on. Nice one, Pat.
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    Hello Vinno, for the reasons you have stated I stay away from adjustable height rear bushings. Even using a jig with se-up block wheels, they are a pain to align properly., and are prone to moving in their housings................likely someone thought this was a cool idea, but in reality, they are far from that If you want to play with rear axle position, buy fixed position plastic offset pods, or, better yet, scratchbuild you chassis PS most, if not all high performance slot car chassis have the rear bushings soldered in place (aligned first) for a reason. Cheers Chris Walker
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    Toy Brands V's Professional Slot Racing Car
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    You need to write a book on The Definitive Guide to Slot Car Modifications. I'd buy a copy. Cheers Paul
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    Ya gotta be happy with that
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    Sideways have announced that the Toyota Celica is now in stock at their distribution centre in France. This was originally planned for release in January, before a factory issue (broken mold! ) caused rescheduling Chassis: Podded - has the rigid Sideways 5 point pod. Chassis can also take any Slot.it Pods Motor: Slot.it Flat-6 20,500rpm 200 g/cm torque 10.25 watt, mounted a/winder with adaptors for 0.5mm and 1.0mm offset Axle & Gears - 2.38mm (3/32nd) Gearing: Crown 28t (GA1628-pl) - Pinion 11t brass Has adjustable height front axle - requires optional M2.0 Hex screws, not supplied with car Hubs front: Plastic 16.5 x 8.2mm Hubs rear: Alloy 16.5mm x 8.2mm Tyres front: Product code PT Tyres rear: Product code PT Accessories supplied with car: M2 allen key under box, adaptors for 0.5mm and 1.0mm offset of rear axle SSD Upgradable: Yes, use Slot.it SP15b
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