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    CA49a Nissan GT-R n.23 24h Spa 2018 available to the world market.
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    I can see the credit card getting another hiding.
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    I'd like to send a big thank you to @NimROD444. A bit late in posting something but I have been busy with "non slot car" things and it's better late than never. The print of the Bluebird has a lot of detail I like, little things ie the internal rear view mirror and the dash top. Very light body that I will either put a PCR Sierra, Shapeways or a Slot.it HRS chassis under it. Like all my cars (except about 5) the car won't be a shelf queen. Once I get the Bartlett car and Dicky's XD finished this will be pushed up the production line (Ihave about 30 plus bodies waiting to be built) as this car is one I have wanted for a long time. Now to track down the George Fury livery.
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    1/32 SRT Viper GTS-R version RS Line SuperSport We continue with the most racing range with two versions of the Viper Exchange participating in the 24H Daytona 2015. Fastest and most efficient mechanical setup on track!
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    Sideways GT3/E menu in progress and coming soon LBH GT3 SWCAR01 FGT GTE SWCAR02 M6 GT3 SWCAR03 720S GT3 SWCAR04 ASV GT3/E SWCAR05 BC UK GT3 SWCAR06 RCF Japan GT3 SWCAR07
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    And got a couple of them onto the track: http:// http:// http://
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    G'day all, a few little additions to keep me amused while I await a deliver for a major scenic update....to follow soon hopefully... The pub corner needed a little beer garden I thought, basic fence & bench seating kit from miniart fit the bill: http://
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    The finished product replaced the standard scalex control tower (which looked very much out of place) http:// The pits were adapted from a Greenhills garage kit & includes the open top level spectator stand above the pits (which is where my Dad and uncle watched the 1965 Australian Grand Prix from, and saw Bruce McLaren win from Jack Brabham is one of the great GPs of all time) http:// And a couple of overall shots down the Pit straight.... http:// http://
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    Hey all, so, some more small improvements. I've been working on improving the look of the pit/control tower area to fit the period & track I'm trying to highlight. My very basic scenic building skills are highly evident in these, but anyway, here we go ! first, the control tower & pits I did up hoping to capture the feel of the tower & pits at the start finish line at the Longford track. Looking something like this: http:// The original tower being 3 story would have looked too high & out of place on the track, so I scaled it to 2 levels, but tried to still capture the feel of it. using foam board, Publisher & basic laser printing..... http://
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