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    Racing will be on Wednesday night. We were supposed to be racing yesterday (Sunday) but a couple of the guys weren't feeling well. Andrew ran each car for a couple of laps to get a feel and see if any had any issues. All the cars ran well and Andrew commented that they were all better than last year's cars. He did say give him 30 min and he could get some of the middle runners on the the winners podium.
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    Great looking track. Any chance I could come over and try to beat your lap records? Cheers Paul
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    While building a Pioneer Legends 34 Ford white kit I wondered what else i have on the 3D printer could fit the chassis So behold the XE Legend Had the Falcon file so it was only a matter of shrinking it down to fit the chassis, fit some outrageous wide guards and there you have it Bit more fun for the track and i'm sure no one else is going to turn up with the same body and scheme on race night
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    Started another one ......... can't help myself
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