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    From memory I think it was merged in with your lathe thread Rosco
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    They make a model of it complete with all the flashy things, and there is a couple of versions you can download and print
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    Oops, forgot the pic. This model is nowhere near finished - I have "work" to do on those front fender vents.. but, the body is now coated with a generous coat of Ultra Clear... The chassis is done, so too the wheel inserts. I simply have too many models on the workbench at present - I completed a "Mr. Slotcar" McLaren M6A this evening - in a "colour shift" SMS paint called "Black Hole".. and overcoated it with Ultra Clear.. it has come up a treat... report later in one of my own threads... I have yet to sort out an interior for the LJ - and fit my hand made brass grille... headlights and a few adornments - it's really not that far off, but too many other models are screaming at me for attention... You can see the Molotow on the bumpers... it was a little dulled prior to coating Ultra Clear over it.... but it certainly didn't lose any more .. I'm keen to try it on the freshly Molotow painted parts I have curing out... The pic does not do the gloss and depth of the clear coat justice... and it is rock hard, yet the body can flex... I believe this to be a perfect medium for slot cars... only danger is - you have to dress up like an astronaut before you spray... I made a spray booth with three small computer fans some time back, and have a hose at the rear which vents the nasty stuff outside the garage - where I do most of my airbrushing... Apologies once again to the OP for the digression... LJ pic.. frats, Rosco
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    Always thought the SG1 Stargate would be a great entrance into the Slot man-cave Flashing lights and all, lol
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    Or as a swimming pool on the side.
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    Hi Ross, although I don't recall having any problems with the interior of mine it had quite a weak motor instead. Needless to say I replaced it but I used a Piranha 21.5 instead, and it must be a strong one as it really flies now and it doesn't need any added ballast as my Slot.it versions required.
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