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    Planning to run the first round this Sunday at Alvaro's. Cheers Paul
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    It is obvious that you do not build chassis........ cheers Chris Walker
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    Time for some videos. Aloha, charlesx and curef99 ALS, Shaynus and Pepsi old man, Nonfractual and BARacer ArroldN, Supercharged and Nev Supercharged, Alvaro and DP201 Alvaro, DP201 and BrumosRSR bov, Sports Racer and sticks Brooksy, 32coupe and jimmyslots lancelot, JohnnieE and Dixie The camera ran out of power and I missed filming Peter Gunn's car. Here's a post race review of all the cars, in race finishing order, sorry for the audio quality. Post race review
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    Hi All, Been busy again, but a little free time coming up. @oldschool - sorry for the slow ship from Vlad, but it will be going out tomorrow in the mail. L hope your still excited @knoath - Not sure in resin mate, happy to share the file if you want a print it. It may be a little too thin though. @rosco01 - Thank mate, but remember I only worked on the wings, fenders and spoilers, the rest was already there. BTW, it has the same, or ver close wheel base to the ninco sierra. Also happy to share the file but it is thin @ 0.4mm wall thickness, as I adjusted the Horizontal fill to 0.25mm in cura Please send any requests to Vlad@cadstruk.com Cheers NimROD Ps the Alfa is next
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