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    to be honest, if you test the brm 23k on any magnet track, you do see that it is strong... like very very strong. I was worry about the NSR motor but even without any tool i thought the magnet traction was 1/4 of the brm. to be honest, i love more and more the use of one motor for a class with fix gearing and let the people tune their car. I know few of you are against it, but it helps to get very close racing and to have the driver experiencing similar speed from one car to the other. But this is a discussion for another day :), for now, let s race. Happy to see the race starting again, in fact in my club i got the opposite, we stopped for few weeks and because i am an intermittent to slotcar, my performance relative tot he other went up :). I hope you are all safe in Canbera and thanks for running it. still need to see the video to have a good laugh).
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    Hi All, I know it's been a while, but it's getting harder to find time, too many projects. Unfortunately, I find it hard to say no when I get requests LOL. @Kevan - Yep sure is Mate @Manuel Sanchez - They will all be freely available when made printable. May I ask, for all the members interested in these cars, put forward a list of which car should be next and so on. I'll try and get one done a week, should be doable as most are just external bodies. One list though. @Oldschool62 - It's finally printed! I tried to get as much detail on the body as possible, printed not to bad. After 42 hours this is the result with no cleanup, yet. It was an ambitious print, 0.4mm shell thickness - 3 shells, 0.6mm Z height, , 100% infill, 0.25mm Horizontal expansion. 15% support Cheers Vlad
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