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    Gentlemen builders have accepted the penalty let’s race on. Personally I have no way of even knowing if I have enough magnetic affect. I’m learning my lesson on the BRM motors as you guys are confirming they are quick. I can promise you, there will be a few in my future for wood track racing. That’s what I love about proxy racing around the world you pick up something from everyone THANK YOU!!
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    Storm in a teacup. All the high magnetic motored car owners have been contacted and all were unaware that their motors would infringe the rules. They have taken different options to resolve the issue and I'm happy to continue with this proxy knowing all the cars will be on a level playing field. Videos of Sunday's racing to come but some are really embarrassing for us drivers. Oh the shame.
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    By golly, Vlad.... you have done well with that.... you must be happy? frats, Rosco
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