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    Hi all The first race was a mess. Each car was raced for a total of 6 minutes over 3 lanes and we were so out of practice there were a lot of deslots. With only 1 marshall a lot of cars missed out on getting good results. It was so bad that the car that lapped 3rd fastest finished the race in 22 place. Because of this I've decided this round won't be an official race but the lap times will sort the race order for the real first round next week. Here are the lap times and magnetic downforce as measured by a magnet marshall. All car owners with cars over 30g have been contacted to see how they want to proceed. Name Magnetic downforce Lap Time Peter Gunn 75 6.175 Dixie 52 6.256 JohnnieE 32 6.328 Alvaro 5 6.355 32coupe 11 6.371 lancelot 23 6.391 jimmyslots 1950 2 6.469 Supercharged 5 6.560 Sports Racer 9 6.582 DP201 6 6.629 Brooksy 21 6.642 bov 9 6.679 Nev 8 6.688 sticks 5 6.707 old man 28 6.719 ArroldN 5 6.792 Aloha 29 6.826 BrumosRSR 7 6.848 Nonfractal 54 6.902 Shaynus 23 6.960 BARacer 13 7.001 Pepsi62 3 7.008 curef99 22 7.236 ALS 14 7.372 charlesx 51 7.382 When you see the videos you'll understand why I cancelled this round - it's pretty humiliating and shows how bad you get when you haven't driven a slot car for 2 months. Here's the finishing order based on number of laps completed. Regards Paul
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    welcome aboard mate, look forward to some pics!
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    Hi Tony slot cars and trains go together well in my book... I have started to collect some ON30 rolling stock and engines. I took my train track down to build a slot car track, now I want to do the reverse and build a new slot track/train track combined... cheers David
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    Welcome Tony Sounds like a nice track you are planning to build A lot of information and a few how to pages in the home track and scenery sections
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