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    I saw a video of the 1/24 wing cars doing sub 2 second laps and the caption was "fastest motorsport in the world". When you think about it it's true, so from now on I'm not telling everyone I race slot cars, I going to tell them I race the fastest motorsport in the world.
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    We have a race! Tomorrow (Sunday) on Alistair's track. Pics and race results will be posted tomorrow night with videos added later in the week. I'll also let you know which cars failed the Magnet Marshal test and automatically get a 5 point penalty. The penalty will be applied for each track we race on with magnabraid, which is most of the tracks in the proxy. Cheers Paul
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    After sitting on the shelf for way too long I have started the build on the Elfin Mono. Inspired by FPR7 from 2017 Tasman proxy series I thought it appropriate that this little car should see the light of day, obviously still some way to go but the hard stuff has been done( I hope) and just now to do the suspension and paint, Thanks for this body Phil, Unlke my past Tasman cars this car features a Slimline chassis from Pendle, this chassis absolutely blitzed the field back in 2016( I think,) no doubt someone will correct me on that, the chassis is very easy to put together and fits this quite thin body nicely
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    It is posted on the Monday or Tuesday before the event, it will be a 10am meeting on Thursday (AEDST) this week.
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    Oh yeah slotters rejoice!!! Full* racing is back!! *Limitations specifically apply to single jabbed racers. Easing restrictions at 80% full vaccination When NSW gets to 80% double vaccination, restrictions will be eased further. Find out about the roadmap to opening up NSW. https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/easing-covid-19-restrictions/80-percent?utm_source=ServiceNSW_Consumer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2021-10-15_sfmc_576_con_covid_newsletter&utm_content=80_percent_roadmap&utm_term=see_updated_rules_button COVID 80% 1 - When NSW reaches 80% full vacination COVID 80% 2 - Visiting Family and Friends COVID 80% 3 - Travel and Transport
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    Howdy Ray, Finally found the post I've been looking for, we have spoken on the phone a while back. Now that we are free to mingle, those of us double jabbed at least, you can call in mate when you are next in Taree, I will PM you the address etc. Been a life saver having my own track to tinker on and tune some cars. If you have a few cars, bring them along, if not, no foul mate, I've got plenty including controllers that you can use, I've got you covered. Johnno Shenanigans Raceway
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    Not only one year but twice Terry, the PPL chassis assembled by my Grand daughter did win the series under a Lola body.
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