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    After sitting on the shelf for way too long I have started the build on the Elfin Mono. Inspired by FPR7 from 2017 Tasman proxy series I thought it appropriate that this little car should see the light of day, obviously still some way to go but the hard stuff has been done( I hope) and just now to do the suspension and paint, Thanks for this body Phil, Unlke my past Tasman cars this car features a Slimline chassis from Pendle, this chassis absolutely blitzed the field back in 2016( I think,) no doubt someone will correct me on that, the chassis is very easy to put together and fits this quite thin body nicely
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    I got my notification that my Nissan and the Plymouth Cuda are heading my way. Exciting times.
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    I too am excited that Slot-it are doing tha Skaife Richards Nissan from 1992. Has anyone noticed that in the Slot-it photos the driver is wearing a helmet that looks close to what Skaife wore at Bathurst in 2010? It looks nothing like the helmets Skaife or Richards wore in 1992. Minor detail. The car looks great and no doubt will go well.
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