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    Thanks Shaynus, I took a good look throught You Tube today and have picked up a lot..... Even the best of the best can be made better, quieter and smoother... Revo are no exception - some mods I'll definitely be including into mine. The fitting of silicone spacers on the underside of the body mount screws where they go into the chassis (not to be confused with the already fitted insulators between the chassis and the body) for one... and checking all the screws and nuts.... Adding "Gorilla Tape" to the chassis/pod mounts - makes Revo cars with aluminium chassis much quieter (removes metal on metal). Some great info out there on Revo cars if you look for it. Thunderslot can be made better as well... I have three of the McLaren's.... including the Elvis/Bruce McLaren one.. Few little tricks on positioning the motor pinion and setting the axle bushes into the chassis with nail-polish. Also, the front wheels/tyres - good demo on how to true them both up using nail-polish as the adhesive. Also, to add weight inside the total area of the triangular pod base.. plus some up on the outside of the chassis each side of the front pod mount... I have six NSR cars.. not so many mods to those, but some... apparently, they are pocket rockets out of the box - two Moslers and a GT-40 plus three 86-89 F1 cars... maybe more to come as well Lots to do... so little time left to get it all done... and - new cars arriving soon as well..... what have I done? I probably really need to join/form a club out here in the outer east of Melbourne... any takers? frats, Rosco
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    Hi All, I know it's been a while, but it's getting harder to find time, too many projects. Unfortunately, I find it hard to say no when I get requests LOL. @Kevan - Yep sure is Mate @Manuel Sanchez - They will all be freely available when made printable. May I ask, for all the members interested in these cars, put forward a list of which car should be next and so on. I'll try and get one done a week, should be doable as most are just external bodies. One list though. @Oldschool62 - It's finally printed! I tried to get as much detail on the body as possible, printed not to bad. After 42 hours this is the result with no cleanup, yet. It was an ambitious print, 0.4mm shell thickness - 3 shells, 0.6mm Z height, , 100% infill, 0.25mm Horizontal expansion. 15% support Cheers Vlad
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