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    Hi Guys, actually Mike it was Paul's idea to run these together as a class and a great class we have with them too. These cars aren't as quick or handle like a Slot-it car but they look great and we really do have some close racing with these great looking cars. They are still quick enough to race for sure. These chassis go together very easy and the quality of the components is as good as any brand out there, alloy rims all round with good size grub screws, motors that are smooth and built to last, oil-lite axle bushes. It doesn't take too much work to get one to run well, we use the 16k motor with 9-28 gears, plain super glue holds the tyres to the rims with no chemical issues The rear tyres are a very good rubber type compound, they true easy and hold grip very well. MRRC have a range of bodies and wheel inserts. The kits come with a sheet of decals and a choice of 3 motors. You can see us racing them on you-tube via this link
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