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    Not a shining example of sportsmanship from the crowd, but not unexpected I suppose, mob rule and all that Probably similar faces at the anti lockdown protests... Back on topic, I've had my name down for this one for months, not too concerned how it performs, very impressed Slot.it chose a bit of Australian history for their range! I'm sure it will sell like hot cakes!
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    Tell em they’re dreamin.
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    "Good morning boys and girls, are you ready to Ladbroke it today?"
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    Or is the body a bit too high ?
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    Cheers for that, I'll go hunting
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    I'm hanging out for the Bastos Camaro and the 80 Z28 street car. Dave Kennedy had a Bastos car that Scalextric sent him. IMO it is one of the best looking cars, I have a 1:1 78 Camaro and will be doing the street car as a replica of it. @munterdid some awesome american racing whel torq thust D inserts which my real car has.
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