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    No 17, only off by one number, haha. The only red one I had seen was another slot car. Here's a pic of the modified chassis, have seen one modified before here on Auslot. I used piano wire to strengthen the two halves of the chassis, with some Aruldite to keep it all in place. Removed the front stub axles and the outside axle holders to make room for the Fly wheels. And just a quick photo of the unmodified chassis against the modified one. Glad I've finally modified one of these chassis actually, had them for a few years now but wouldn't cut one in half. Now I'm confident doing the mod I've got 4 more I can cut up to suit other bodies.
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    Dropped into Col's to see how he was going today, he is working on the lane change section and lane brains, looking good
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    Thanks Greg That's 9am Thursday here in Oz (east coast) Or 11am for our Kiwi cousins
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    A quick build using a busted up Tamiya Lotus 30 body. I was given this body from a mate who gives me cars to restore/rebuild. I did restore one a while back, seen earlier in this thread to resemble the Tamiya Lotus 30 box. The body was cracked, broken in a few places with the right hand side and front nose of the body snapped away. Seen here in the pic below with the new panels glued in place and shaped to suit. I had one of those cheap Avant Slot chassis from a while back that I cut in half, glued, strengthened and reassembled. Had some old Fly wheels that had been sitting in their packets for years so used these as well. After I stripped all the green paint back, gave it a prime, coat of red (didn't want to do the Lotus green again) and applied some decals I had laying around. Windscreen was leftover from when Phil K sent me some for the other Tamiya Lotus 30. Not period correct or anything but had seen a pic on the net of something similar. Fitted with the Avant Slot chassis and original 27000RPM motor that these chassis came with it runs really well whether on the plastic or timber tracks. Pretty happy with it as it was a $0 build, but fun to do, all made from stuff tucked away in boxes. cheers Matt
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    Sheesh, It's not easy out there in so many ways ..... glad I am not at the coal face of business now. .... And when the forum software posts this, it will be "cold one o'clock" and "weekend free time" this side of the moat. Hope you don't mind the diversion below Rick. A mildly interesting epistle to some people follows. - just because chip shortages reminded me of this old story from about 30?? plus years ago, when Hitachi produced the first 32 bit RISC chips. There were a dozen released to some big developers around the world. But there were 4 chips that the competing giants around the world couldn't figure out where they were, and Hitachi weren't telling. About the same time Acorn (BBC) computers were going bust because the lads got too big, and too focused on playing with some Formula 1 car project with the profits from 8 bit BBC home and school computers. The Acorn company was duly bought by Olivetti. The Monday the Olivetti execs turned up to stamp control, the boffin boys said, "you need to come out the back, we have something to show you "What is this" ( a mess of boards, chips, wires and screens) "A 32 bit home computer" "What, how could it be" "These are the 4 missing Hitachi RISC chips" "How far have you developed the hardware" "We just need money buy more chips, etch the boards and mold the cases to make the computers to sell" "what about a consumer operating system" "Finished, ready for release, we just need money buy more chips, etch the boards and mold the cases to make the computers to sell" The first Archimedes 3 hit the market about 8 months later. And that was how ARM Ltd was born. Of course, Olivetti also fell over, but ARM Ltd has become a monster through the decades. Never forgotten being told that story by some people connected with the company at the time.
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