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    Arvo Warren, I will put the cart before the horse, you have the classes and regs. The main idea behind our racing classes and regs is to keep costs as low as possible for everyone, if you don't have a car that meets the regs, that's ok, don't panic, bring what you want to run, there is a very high probability that you can borrow a class car from myself or some one else, we usually bring two of each car class, main runners and the backup cars, soon as we hear you don't have a class car, someone will offer you their backup car. We like to keep it very informal, relaxed and fun, yes we take the mickey out of each other all in good humour of course, there are times when someone (me with myself) will have the shits due to their cars breaking down, crap grip, or simply just having a bloody bad day Bring along your scratch builds, even if they aren't class cars you can still run them and have fun and learn the different tracks hopefully. You know you have an open door to my track for tuning and testing, all we need now is to get these restrictions lifted so we can get back to group racing. Johnno
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    Also go through the club race results that are posted on here to see what people are running. The Kiwi’s have a great thread going where you can get a lot of information in this regard.
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    I have been playing around with Slot Cars for a while. Most of my spend has been on cars that I love that specific model and not so much the performance of the car. The turn on cars for me have always been the Australian and American Muscle cars either off the shelf cars or buying bare bodies off some very talented people (you know who you are ). Most of the builds have been using HRS2 chassis which for me give me the flexibility it offers as well as "reasonable performance. The plan is get involved in a club and have a play which I briefly did while living in Sydney. Now I'm retired up the coast I'm hoping to join a fairly active club here and now need to start looking at some cars. to join. Currently I have around 130 plus cars mostly Scalextric or Carrera or built because I like that model. Aside from a couple I don't have any shelf queens. Over the last year or so I have tested the water and bought a few cars based on what I read here and elsewhere (thank you). Currently I have a Black Arrow GT3 , MrSlotcar 787B, NSR P68, GT40MkIV & Audi R18 and Slot.it Porsche 956, 962 & Nissan R90. I do have a Policar 412P Ferrari on order (been on order for ages). I don't have any Revo, Scaleauto, Thunderslot, Ninco, Sideways and so on. A friend for example has a few Scaleauto's and they look pretty trick but they don't seem too popular. Is there a rule of thumb for each of the brands as to who makes the best in a specific car category ie Can Am etc ? This is what I need to learn and being limited in funds not want to test the water too much. Cheers Warren
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    Every brand has it's good and bad, even higher rated user brands, there will always be something that needs some attention regardless of cost and popularity. Saying that, NSR's, Revoslot, Slot.it, Slotworx can be relied upon to be great cars on the track, out of the box they are steps ahead to get racing. As for learning what's what, how brand A stacks up against brand B, you will see clearly and very fast what is what. Take the Scalextric Trans-Am class we race, these cars simply take more work tuning and tweaking things, Scalextric are just pigs out of the box, not as bad as Pioneer cars are even worse than Scalextric to get racing. I've lucked in with my two Trans-Am cars, they both needed tuning as usual, after doing the basics I've managed to have one great car and the other one currently mediocre performance wise. So get your hands on them and decide for yourself. The main point you need to remember is the track, plastic vs wood, digital vs analog will all present different issues with setups. You have a major head start than most in this hobby, at least you have the skill to scratch build your cars when most don't, so bringing this skiil set to racing will certainly pay well for you. Everyone says tyres are the black art for which this is true, however, brands themselves can fall into this same black arts. Johnno
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    You have to bring your cars back for tuning. Doors open Warren when this stay at home is removed or relaxed we can get some track time for the cars and yourself Was great putting a face to the name.
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    So I assume that means you can see the Dino - but no one can see the Cobra? This is a photo I shared to a Facebook group. The Dino was in my album. Testing to see if I can share a photo I posted to a group as well. Hopefully you can see two cars??
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