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    While we are waiting for the rest of the field to arrive I thought I'd show you whats under the bonnet of my Megane. Every time one of my cars returns from a Proxy I can't wait to get my hands on it as usually it has not done what it was expected to do.WIN So rather than send back a looser next year I set about changing the set up,1 because it wasn't good enough & 2 because I like to fiddle,some times I don't improve a car but with Proxies you have no idea of the tracks to be raced on for the best set up,just rely on some feed back & a bit of video. This year I've been busy trying to remove weight from my Plafit chassis from all my proxy cars,so with my trusty hacksaw removed the front half of the brass base plate & replaced it with Carbon fibre also making new H plates & guide tongues.While I was there decided to make the base plate a sprung unit similar to my 1/24th GT3's that we race locally at the Bullring. Also tried replacing the springs with silicone washers & this is still a setup in the developement stages but shows some promise. All up the Carbon parts have saved around 10 to 15 gms but I could find a few more gms if I got serious.I've tried to get the Yellow dogs to work but all my MJK tyres have been better,also lost a tooth on the Pinion hoping that will get the Plafit Pointer honking a little bit better. I think that motor in Bov's car is one of the new Predator 22K donks from Slot Car Corner in the States,I'm trying a few at the moment & are looking very promising. Here's my baby Cheers Jimmy Here's my GT3 for North America this year
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    Question: Can anyone write code? And no I’m not talking about just turning lights on and off? If its so easy why are constant updates being released for bootloaders etc? There’s your proof right there. Answer: If you held a gun to their head maybe. Anyone can achieve anything if they put they’d minds to it ... errr hmmm no sorry that’s a fallacy. So answer in short .....no.0 Firmware and bug testing is much harder than hardware design. That’s why firmware engineers are rare. With labs Ade even a 750x750mm converted shelf in a pantry must be considered a lab even if it did take 4 years. Let’s face it it is white after all.
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    It's that time Loving all these comments and agree with mostly all of them. Sharing my master class progress... my shed time was focused this weekend on the kids lego racers. My fleet will have to wait their rightful turn. 3D printed chassis & pod from Thingiverse.com. and printed guide too. Got it running pretty good. Need to find an option for larger diameter rear wheels or experiment with lowering the bearings. Scrapes a bit on the banking...
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    Me too, but the going fast bit still excites me, However, the part that excites me about it is having the skills to build a great, fast car. To me that's hugely challenging. In the same way Crockett is challenged by building great models, i love learning new build techniques that make my cars faster and nicer to drive. Actually racing the fast classes doesn't really mean that much to me. I have always said that my favourite classes are 18K, but I am competitive and always try to win regardless of the class. I wish everyone in our group pushed themselves harder to build great cars. Banter and mate-ship aside, running a great car you have built yourself is the most satisfying thing in the hobby, surely?
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    I've been flat out at work under lockdown, but stole some time in the shed today, and used my masterclass learnings to work on my Slot It LMP. This was always a bit of a dog; tail happy and chattery in the corners. In saying that, it was still hitting a fairly respectable 6.5 / 6.6s on my track but was a real handful to drive on the edge. Using Dave's techniques, I redistributed the weight and rounded off the existing tyres - and a total transformation took place. It's now running in the lows 6s with a best time of 6.07 and it was an easy drive. I couldn't believe it. I have always prided myself on building quick cars, but clearly I had a lot to learn. 0.5s is massive. Absolutely unreal. Next up I stripped my old Slotting Plus Reynard LMP and rebuilt it in Dave's style. This car is 10+ years old; another car that was fast but wild and unpredictable on the track. Best time today before the rebuild was 6.5s. I put some new tyres on the rear and, using all the same components, it was instantly in the low 6s with a best time of 6.04. It's clearly got a sub 6 in it once the tyres come on. Mad. This has all been such a revelation. I need a drink!
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    And another with the car finished.
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