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    And just so you know that I am not been to lazy the VK Commodore is nearly there From now on I will be focusing mainly on the classes that interest me and that I enjoy the most. ATCC, muscle car, nascar, legends, grp5, fly classics, scaly f1 Classes like GT1, GT3, LMP, 65-80 are just not doing it for me and never really have done, so I am not interested in investing money or time in these classes I mostly like to scratch build or kit bash the cars that I love. I started building models at a young age but only got to put them on a shelf to collect dust, now I can build model cars and put them on a track and race them. That's where my passion is Personally I enjoy the lower powered classes as I find that pace of racing offers much closer dices and enjoyment on the track and for me that is where the fun is, it's not about how fast my laps times are, how many laps I have done, how many times I lap someone or if I get on the podium, they are nothing more than just a bonus to me. Close racing, good friends and plenty of harmless banter, OH! and awesome tasty slotdogs, to me that is what it is all about
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    The changes in wheels specs for Scalextric also make it easy to go to NSR tyres so you have plenty of choices for good race tyres if you want to go rubber.
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    Looking at Armchairs site and comparing my cars side by side, I'd say these would be pretty close. MJK 4292 - 4 x tyres to suit Scalextric BMW Z4 GT3 and others $15.00 OVERALL TYRE ON RIM (A) - 20.0mm OVERALL TYRE WIDTH ON RIM (B) - 9.0mm RIM (C) - 14.5mm RIM WIDTH (D) - 8.3mm OVERALL RIM (E) - 16.2mm STEP WIDTH (F) - 4.8mm
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