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    Hi Keith, yes Slot.it signalled nearly 18 months ago that they would no longer be identifying their various motors by end bell colour. - my guess is that is was simply a case of the “tiny” amounts (probably a few “skids” at a time) that slot makers would buy from Mabuchi, Sun, or “whoever”, just didn’t make the cut for a special plastic colour. But if some “Richard cranium” wants to cheat at a club level by dicking with motors, frankly, the sooner they depart the better. at HB club, we are currently running a series for Pioneer Legends. 10 rounds., 2 on each track. scrutineering for the series was sooooo intense it went something like ( no body was remove in the making of this series) “nice livery”, “thanks, enjoyed doing it” “what tooth numbers did you put on the replacement pinion/spur?” “13/32 from memory, but I’ve lowered the final ratio a bit because I took quite a lot off the tyre diameter getting them round “ ”Shoot, that’s silky smooth, what did you use on the tyres, 226 or NSR oil?” “A mix actually “ ”How did you set the replacement guide?” “It’s actually a Sloting Plus, they fit better than Slot.it, hey I bought spares guys if anyone wants one, in my slot case” I think the only class scrutineering we have really done in recent memory, was BTCC - once, when we first set up cars 3 years ago…….
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    Changes were/are good gazza and it went even better than expected. I reckon it'll be reasonably competitive and not at all like taking a knife to a gun fight. Just got to wait for this covid thing to sort itself out in the North Island and not pass it on to us, so us mainlanders can get out of lockdown and get on with life and get back to the track.
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