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    Hi Alan, I’m watching Premier Marshmallow on the news announcing your release from detention. I hope some sort of normal returns for you. Our political princess only did a partial up here. Her speciality is lockOUT. Queensland doesn’t need tourists apparently. Or income Anyway..... now you are free to enjoy the important stuff... like racing slot cars. It’s good to get a bit of perspective and not take ourselves too seriously. I sincerely hope that no one in this group has suffered too badly in their health or in their wallets through the last 18 months of madness. Have fun and thanks again for all the effort you have put into this series. I, for one, am very grateful. This might sound a bit stupid, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching my own dismal failure from afar. I can’t wait to do it all again. Stay safe, Peter
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    Shame there were no takers Dave. But least we know you have the mad skillz to build another one - one day Give Wongy the braid Racing the Fly Capris on your track was my favourite class. Another good memory was winning a Group 5 proxy heat driving my own entry lol. Found some old pics ... good times....
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