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    Gazza I think it was has done some really interesting prints. Regards Chas LeBreton
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    Slow progress but finally done.................the chassis has been built to the new owners' club rules, so,.......a new guide, a 25K FC-130, drill blank axles, independently rotating front wheels, Sonic pinion, Slot-it Crown, and both the chassis and body dampened with silicone/urethane washers. Stock font tyres NSR Ultra rears, all glued/trued/treated. No weight as of yet,......the new owner can fiddle, depending on the needs of his club's various tracks. Cheers Chris Walker PS details on the changes to the body, decals, paint etc. are in my other "Rosberg" NSR McLaren thread.
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    Hi Shayne,........I used a standard Slot-it screw in guide. and as far as the independent fronts.........I just solder a thin steel washer on to one end of an axle, the wheel on that side obviously does not need a set screw,....the other wheel is tightened to the axle. Cheers Chris Walker Here is an axle with the steel washer soldered on (the left side) ,.........not sure why I have a pic. of this axle with Crowns on it ???.......aahhh, ..just remembered, I was showing someone how much a Slot-it Crown could be taken down to fit in tight spaces
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    @dangermouse G'day David I am the proud owner of at least 1/2 dozen of John's prints in both print types. Great guy and good quality. Cheers Warren
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    And finally, pub corner & the rest of the track came together in time for some Christmas Day racing :
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