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    On a recent visit to a wonderful automobile museum in Launceston, I managed to pick up a few very nice di-cast models (VW Beetle, AC Cobra & Aston-Martin DB5) to add to the paddock car park scene.... http:// http:// That's all for now !
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    The finished product replaced the standard scalex control tower (which looked very much out of place) http:// The pits were adapted from a Greenhills garage kit & includes the open top level spectator stand above the pits (which is where my Dad and uncle watched the 1965 Australian Grand Prix from, and saw Bruce McLaren win from Jack Brabham is one of the great GPs of all time) http:// And a couple of overall shots down the Pit straight.... http:// http://
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    Surprised Bingo hasn't popped up here yet. He has an Ender 5 Pro filament, and recently added a Crealty Resin printer - and he is a gun with CAD. I think he is figuring out when to use each, and materials options. Apparently you can get quite a range of resins, and you can alter the curing rate, to change the properties of the finished product - with hard but fragile one end, less rigid but more forgiving of shocks at the other. All we know is, magic happens nearly every week. Within a few days of getting his first Pioneer Legends last week he has already replicated the chassis and the bull bars to cover for breakages since you can't seem to buy any spare parts.....
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    Hey all, so, some more small improvements. I've been working on improving the look of the pit/control tower area to fit the period & track I'm trying to highlight. My very basic scenic building skills are highly evident in these, but anyway, here we go ! first, the control tower & pits I did up hoping to capture the feel of the tower & pits at the start finish line at the Longford track. Looking something like this: http:// The original tower being 3 story would have looked too high & out of place on the track, so I scaled it to 2 levels, but tried to still capture the feel of it. using foam board, Publisher & basic laser printing..... http://
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    The printer itself is a means to an end, I don't print anything I haven't either 3D designed or modified first. In some ways the printing is the easy bit, what do you intend printing? I spent many hours doing due diligence on the CAD side before I even ordered my printer, I wasn't remotely interested in printing endless test pieces, for me it had to be an extra resource for my slot car hobby...and it ended up taking at least half of my hobby time to become an even bigger hobby all on it's own. If you have already done CAD work you'll probably love it, 3D CAD seems easier than 2D CAD (to me) for geometric work but creating bodyshells and the like with something like Blender is something I've tried to get into but never found the real urge to want to go further.
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    Try this old thread HERE, it my help
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