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    Hi all. Leading on from Mark's comments I run my old Scaly Gp car (similar to HB ones and actually bought from Big Mac) with a similar set-up but have up-graded motor to an old Slot-it Orange 21500rpm motor. Mine has Slot-it F22's on back. Do not have one of these Policar ones yet but tempted as I like to try different cars. I like the price as I am cheap and NSR is rather expensive. I do have one of the Policar Lotus 49's but have not really used it very much. Great looking little car but a bit delicate for racing from my point of view so generic car looks like a good idea. Like the later NSR's the liveried ones look just as good as the real deal in my opinion anyway. I like to leave my authentic ones to my Tasman Cup car builds. My Scaly is not too much slower that NSR F1. Sure it loses a bit on straights but is almost as good in other departments and it is not running entirely right yet. Agree it is at least as fast as a good Group C. Look forward to a more in-depth review and performance comparison for a standard Policar. The NSR is probably one of the best out of box cars I have come across. Only the Thunderslot is better to my mind. Regards Chas Le Breton
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    The motor in these is the same 24.5k ff050 as in their classic GP cars. It is a very moderate power - similar to a Hawk or Scalextric motor. The one advantage of power to weight over a saloon type car, gives them a little more oomph, but not the same sort of beast as an NSR 86/89 with that big boxer FK180. The final gearing seems good, they have enough brakes due to the gearbox, and final ratio. The single white body unit I have so far set up, does go well on my smooth surface wood track, just with the stock C series tyres. The long wheelbase gives them a nice feel of handling - to me at least. The G25 series of tyres have just come available for these. It will be interesting to hear how these change handling characteristics for different plastic and wood track surfaces. Would you believe, for me, the test comparison is a 1970s, "plastic toy blob" Scalextric F1, as we run them as a class in club. The earliest ones, which have a Johnson motor get an upgrade with a standard Scaley FC130 held in place with hot glue. We glue and true F22 or NSR Ultragrips on the back, remove the slop in the rear bushes, and tube the front axles, and glue and true the fronts, soft braid, and a spot of weight. Those can run almost the same lap times as a Group C !!! - and my Monoposto is also running almost similar lap times. I haven't tried any alternate tyres yet. That would probably make it faster due to the native handling characteristics. I don't really have time to do any videos at present....
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