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    The original "Spirit of the rule" was that you shouldn't see any of the "chassis" when looking from above. What we meant by that was the things that you should not have seen when looking from above were, the guide, the chassis rails, the motor and the crown (we did make an allowance for cars with the short rear). Suspension items etc. were not included. We also encouraged effort in the driver/cockpit area so that the chassis and motor was not visible through the cockpit. We always hoped to encourage participation by keeping it simple and not discourage people with "rivet counting".
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    Too much spare time on entrant's hands, Alan..... it should be put to better use modeling... My 2c frats, Rosco
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    We are back shipping from Monday, after a bit of a holiday over Christmas. I am pleased to announce that we are now distributors for Atalaya decals. Atalaya are based in Spain and produce over 1,500 decal sets, most of them livery accurate to a model, plus around 40 generic sets, and sets for NSR 86/89 cars and Policar Monoposto cars. We have begun with stocking most of the generic sets, and the sets for the monoposto cars - which are 2 sheets, or "wrap" style plus individual decals. We will bring in any specific customer order decals to order with re-stock orders. Check out their full range HERE
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    A good couple of hours with Smithy burning rubber and chin wagging.
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