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    Hey guys, been a few years since I've been on here I started a hoisted track with scenery in about 2015 and life got in the way, moved houses etc etc...anyway the track was taken down and dissasmbled. Here's a link to the old build for those interested: Fast forward to 2021, have a new garage, which means a new track. My gear had been sitting in boxes in the roof for years and its time to put it to use. I'm doing a considerably smaller track, only 6ft by 4ft. I couldn't find a great deal of examples of such a small track so though I better document it. Anyway, here it is so far. It's nice and light and I can lift and manoeuvre it on my own. Aim is to keep it as light as possible so I probably won't go with much scenery. It will end up being hoisted to the ceiling. Once I figure out hot to insert a damn image, I'll do it hahah
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    Alpha, (Spelt 'ph') if I remember right, were a budget range of Fly releases with a very basic chassis that came up in ownership change 4.7b v9.6a (or thereabouts ) It is the same Ferrari 512 body mould as was used in previous releases in both Fly and GB track ranges. I think the body was lighter simply because of the light weight interior as Rafael B. jnr, who was in charge by this point, would never have created a new mould with thinner plastic walls so to be light, just for the budget range of cars. More likely it got the lexan interior treatment to save manufacturing costs, which improved performance slightly from awful to almost-awful, as an unintended side benefit.
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    With Shaynus have sourced a replacement chassis (see post above) I don't think repairing the old chassis is relevant any longer. However, if I had to do it I would keep the hole where the Digital Plug plate fits in and throw the rest away! How did the chassis get like that? Perhaps the owner had fitted a Piranha (motor) which got loose and proceeded to voraciously attack the plastic? Den
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    Totally different kettle of fish. Scalextric opted to make the XB/C wider than scale by about 3-4mm and the XY/W 2-3mm narrower than scale dims, where there should only been about 1mm difference between the 2 models.
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