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    Because of the covid situation i had decided to run 4 rounds in Athens but my plans failed: -The most interesting would be a brand new Policar track but the owner had to deal with serious(noncovid)health issues of one of his family members so i would not dare asking to run he race we had agreed -i could race solo a 3rd Ninco track, but racing 2 races solo proved quite exausting ,and one more Ninco track would not provide additonal information. Some comments: -the J _R motor seems more consistent than the BWA and my feeling is that the cars are more pleasent to drive with 1,5-2k of additional rpm.Exceptions --- (A)car #1 11280 rpm it is either a faulty motor or my tachometers error but especially on Creative Hobby track if felt slow on the long straight and --- (B) car #2 16762 rpm lucky you Kevan -it looks that gear ratio 9/24 is the way to go.The cars affected most by wrong ratio are 28,87,658,11,86,i have the feeling they could be fighting for podiums Below is a table showing scores after 2 races and car data.Please help me to fill the blanks.There could also be some mistake in pinion count ,please correct me,it wasnt easy counting teeth without removing which did not.Car 98 is missing pinion and crown data because it has a Policar gearbox and it is impossible to count without removal. Time to start packing. P.S. there a couple of cars we would like to keep permanently here but not his time: 21 and 87 for me and 5 for Nick
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    Really feeling for you Napier Lads in the flood zone. My stepson included in this area. Hope todays rain doesn't make is worse Dave. Well lads , The start up collection is now complete will all classes of cars covered over the 5 week schedule. See you this Thursday .
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