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    Shaynus you'll have to stop reading comics and read some slot car mags on how to build a slot car chuckle
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    ALS, your car is back on track. Gear mesh fixed and it's now running MJK's - 5 point penalty for the tyre change. Pepsi, I've fixed the no power issue. The wire came out of the guide so no penalty. Shaynus, I've rebuilt your front end. Your 3D printed chassis is starting to delaminate in a couple of places so I've glued in bushes to hold in the front axle and strengthen the uprights holding the axle. Your guide was a pain to sort out. Everytime I fixed one bit of the guide mount it broke further back so it now it is reinforced all the way back to the main chassis. -10 points penalty but it should now run a bit better. All the cars are ok to run tomorrow night. Cheers Paul
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